Buying Textbooks

Shop on-line or in the Campus Store

For shopping at the VIU Campus Store, you will need a list of your courses which includes the name of your instructor. Also, it is helpful if you have the Section and Course ID number, Example: ANTH 112 F22N02 - F is for Fall, 22 for the year (2022), N for the campus (Nanaimo) and 02 for the section. Take this to the VIU Campus Store to look up the textbooks required for your various courses. You can also look this information up online on the VIU Campus Store Website.

Tips for saving money

  • You can buy used books by going to the Student Union Building and seeing if your course's books are for sale there from previous students .

  • Ask around to see if anyone has the books you need, and are willing to either sell them to you at a discounted rate, or will loan them to you (for the cost of a dinner paid for by you).

  • Always keep your receipts and try not to write in the books so you can resell them after your course is over.

  • The VIU Campus Store and Student Union offer avenues to sell your unwanted textbooks. Some books turn out to be keepers.

Sometimes instructors will place books on reserve which can be accessed by getting a student card (third floor of the library in the commons area usually open 9-4) and finding the reserve book through the VIU Library Web site. Then visit the librarian to take the reserve book out. They usually have two hour loan restriction on them, but some may be able to be taken out for a day.