Exploring Options and Applying to VIU...

If you have not yet applied to VIU:

Please check out the Connect Future Students website. Recruitment Officers are available to assist you in making your decisions and application to VIU.

  1. Prospective students are encouraged to follow the Detailed Application Steps.

  2. Upcoming Information Sessions – Students continuing to research a program of interest or those that would like to ask more specific program questions should keep an eye on the free events.

  3. Explore Pre- Professional Program Options at VIU - VIU offers courses that count toward long term goals of professional programs and post-degree options.

  4. Program Availability List - The PAL allows counsellors and students to view all VIU Programs for the next anticipated intake. The PAL also provides the contact information for the Admission clerk and Program Chair. If a student has applied for a program, they can contact the Admission Clerk to check on the status of their application.

  5. If you aren't ready to decide on a specific educational path or want to take university courses while upgrading for a particular program, Exploratory Studies (EXPO) gets you in the door and may be the opportunity you are looking for.

  6. Admission Requirements vary from program to program. Once admitted to a program, students must also meet course prerequisites in any course they wish to take within the program or as an elective. Ensure that you check that you have the prerequisites that you need.

  7. Any student missing Admission Requirements or course prerequisites may consider the different Options for Completing Prerequisites and Admission Requirements. The VIU Adult Basic Education Program (ABE) is one way to pursue the upgrading that you need. VIU offers three terms of academic upgrading, September-December, January-April, April-June. Students can upgrade English, Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. The ABE courses generally run Monday-Thursday, with two hours of class time per day. You can have a look at the timetable. Students can also take University courses while upgrading High School courses, timetable and prerequisites permitting.

  8. Fees for Programs – Program fees for domestic or international students are listed on the calendar page for each program.

  9. Students are encouraged to apply for an alternate or “back-up” program, if their first program choice is a limited entry program. For example, if a student has applied to the Criminology Diploma, they may also apply to the Bachelor of Arts as a back-up plan. If they do not gain admission to Criminology Diploma they can take courses of their choice toward their desired end goal under Bachelor of Arts and apply again the following year. Educational Advisors are happy to help with this planning. Late applications made after admission decisions are made in April get late course registration dates and this may limit course availability.