High School Students and Counsellors

If you have not yet applied to VIU:

Contact a Recruiter.

Come for a visit, we'd love to show you around. There are great options for a quick visit or a more in-depth exploration of the campus.

To book an appointment or request information: viuconnect@viu.ca  250.740.6672 / 1.888.920.2221 Ext. 6672

If you have applied to VIU:

VIU Educational Advisors are found in Building 200 Student Affairs.  MichaelJenniferShawn, Michelle and Jamie are available to help you with educational planning and throughout your educational journey at VIU.

We will support you in planning and preparing for your academic transition to VIU and through a positive and rewarding educational experience.

VIU Educational Advisors partner with local schools to support applicants in their transition to VIU. Check the School Visit Schedule to find your advisor contact information and feel free to email or call with your questions.

Connect Early and Often.  We are your partners in learning.

Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions.

“Ready, Set, Go - Launchpad to Success at VIU”

will help all learners wanting information about registration, planning their first semester, getting ready to come to VIU or what to expect as their first semester starts.

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