Preparedness Check List

Are You Prepared for the Challenge?

Welcome to our Preparedness Check List. Research has shown that students who are well prepared for Post Secondary studies are more likely to experience success.  In order to assess your preparedness, complete the following checklist.


I have good study skills




I have good writing skills




I need help with study skills




I need help with writing skills




I am fully aware of the workload expectations of my chosen courses and/or program.




I have good time management skills




I have the necessary prerequisites to enter my chosen courses and/or program




I have good note taking skills




I have good test writing skills




I know how to read textbook material effectively




Career/Life Planning

I have a clear goal/path developed




I have a specific educational goal




I need help setting my career goals




I need help setting my educational goals




I am aware of the resources available to make career decisions.




I would like to be made aware of the resources available to me to assist me in my career decision




I am aware of the changes in the work world that will influence my career path




I could use some information regarding labor market trends





I know the "realistic" costs of the following:




  · tuition




  · textbooks




  · transportation




  · accommodation (rent)




  · living expenses (food, utilities, entertainment, clothing)




I have the necessary funds to cover the above expenses




My funds will be in place prior to beginning college /university




I could use some help setting up a personal budget to ensure that I use my funds to cover my costs as outlined above




Psychological / Emotional Factor and Time Commitments

I plan to work less than 10 hours a week in addition to attending college/university




I plan to work between 10 and 30 hours a week in addition to college/university full time




I balance work and study with social and recreational activities




I am capable of handling stress




I adapt effectively to change




I do not place excessive pressure on myself to do well




I am able to learn from my mistakes




Overall, I am confident of my ability to meet the challenges of college life




I could use some help learning how to cope with stress, challenge and changes




How prepared are you? If you feel that you could be better prepared (or are not sure), we recommend you review the Resources available to help you.