LPI (Language Proficiency Index)

Note: We are no longer offering LPI language proficiency assessments in our exam centre. Please contact us at assessments@viu.ca for further information or updates.

Message from the LPI website:
The LPI will be discontinued as of July 2020. All test sittings will be completed by July 31, 2020, and test takers will be able to access their scores until July 2022.



The LPI language proficiency assessment consists of four parts:

  1. identifying errors in sentence structure;
  2. identifying errors in English usage;
  3. answering questions on written passages, and summarizing short prose passages; 
  4. writing an expository essay.

Further information is found in Preparing to Write the Language Proficiency Index available at Vancouver Island University libraries and bookstores, or from the LPI official website.

Two criteria must be met to meet the English 12 equivalency requirement:

  • The three individual scores (Sentence Structure, English Usage, and Paragraphs) must total a minimum of 20, out of a maximum possible score of 40. The Essay Score is not included in this total. 
  • The Essay Level must be 4 or 5 to qualify for admission to VIU.
  • A score of 5 on the essay is considered equivalent to a B letter grade and a score of 4 is considered equivalent to a C+ letter grade.  

LPI schedule at Vancouver Island University for 2019

Nanaimo Campus:

November 16, 2019

Register online: LPI Test

You must pre-register for LPI a minimum of 6 calendar days prior to test date.

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