What is a Program Assessment?

Our Program Assessments help evaluate your academic readiness for a program. We assess your skills in reading, writing and math. Students applying for certain trades programs will also be assessed in mechanical and/or abstract reasoning, and space relations.

Click on your program name for an overview of each program assessment and study/practice material.

How can I book a Program Assessment?

To book a program assessment call:

Nanaimo Campus: Register for exam and assessment bookings on the Nanaimo campus.
Cowichan Campus: (250) 746 3509
Powell River Campus: (604) 485 2878
Book an off-campus assessment

If you have a diagnosed learning or physical disability and require accommodations to write your assessment, please contact Accessibility Services at 250-740-6446 orAccessibilityServices@viu.ca

When are the Program Assessments Scheduled?

We schedule group sittings as least once a month - usually more.

What is the fee for the assessment?

  • On-campus program assessments $20 ($10 re-writes)
  • Off-campus assessments $25 ($15 re-writes)

**Please note: Program assessment fees are non-refundable

Due to high demand, program assessment bookings for the Nanaimo campus will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment. Once you have booked your program assessment, please contact the cashier's office WITHIN 3 WORKING DAYS at 250-740-6236 to make your payment by credit card. Alternatively, you can pay in-person by cash, cheque, credit or debit at the cashier's desk, building 200 on the Nanaimo campus.

Where do I go for my assessment?

Nanaimo Campus: Building 200, room 219. See: VIU Nanaimo Campus map 
Cowichan Campus: Room assigned when you book your assessment date.
Powell River: Room assigned when you book your assessment date.

Arrive Early to allow for parking **Please note** Pay parking in effect on the Nanaimo Campus See: VIU Parking Lots

What should I bring?

Picture ID, a calculator, pen, pencil and eraser.

How can I prepare for my Program Assessment?

To help you prepare for your assessment, we offer the following options:

  1. Online review material (free of charge). Find your program under "Program Assessments"
  2. Up to one month of assessment preparation through the ACP Learning Centre.
    ($20 per person with a valid VIU student ID number)


  • Nanaimo Learning Centre: 250-740-6425
  • Cowichan Campus Learning Centre: 250-746-3509
  • Powell River Campus Learning Centre: 604-485-2878

What happens if I don't successfully complete the Program Assessment?

If you are not successful the first time you take your Program Assessment, don't panic! You have the opportunity to re-write the assessment after one month. This time will give you the opportunity to review the areas of the assessment you found challenging and ensure that you are ready for the program.

If you are unsuccessful on the re-write, it probably means that you need to do some significant review or upgrading. You will be able to do another re-write once you have completed (and provided documentation of) upgrading.