Accessing the Student Employment Portal

How to Access the CareerVIU Job Posting Portal

All students at Vancouver Island University automatically have an account in CareerVIU.

In order to login to CareerVIU and activate your account you will use your student record login information. Do not confuse your student record login information with your student network login information as these are two different systems. Using your student network login information will not get you access to CareerVIU. Please see the image at the bottom of the page which illustrates which login information should be used to login to CareerVIU.

HELP! I logged in but all I see is a blank page!

If you attempt to login to CareerVIU and find that after entering your login credentials you only get a blank page please take the following steps to correct this issue:

1. Be sure that you are using Google Chrome of Firefox browsers as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge do not work well with CareerVIU.
2. Clear your browser history/cache before logging in.
3. Ensure that you are going to the correct login page:
4. If when logging in to the SRS you are asked to create a new password, you must create a new password even though it gives you the option to leave it unchanged.

An image of the student record login page showing students which login information to use when accessing CareerVIU.

We recommend that you login to your student record as shown above to ensure that you remember the correct password before you attempt to login to CareerVIU. When logging in to your student record do not use a saved login credential but instead enter your login credentials manually to be sure that you remember the correct password.

If you can log into your student record as shown in this screenshot, then you can login to CareerVIU.

If you have forgotten your student record password and cannot login into your student record, you will need to follow the steps provided on the "My Student Record" main page for a forgotten password.

If you can login to your student record but still cannot login to CareerVIU and have followed out all the steps outlined below please contact for assistance.