Current Students

Engineering Co-operative Education

Applying for Opportunities

Students can search for co-op opportunities in the following ways:

  • Log onto CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning and search the co-op job board for co-op opportunities in Engineering.
  • Network with your professional network and let them know you are seeking a co-op work opportunity.
  • Attend networking opportunities such as APEG which are coordinated through the Engineering Department.
  • Connect directly with local employers through informational interviews to learn more about the organization.
  • Connect with instructors who can recommend you to employers who may align with your interests.

Before Your Co-op

Once students secure a co-op and the details of the offer have been confirmed, students will be responsible for the following:

  • Log onto CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning and register the co-op opportunity. Your Program Coordinator will review the details of the co-op
  • Once your co-op has been approved, a letter of agreement will be drafted sent to your host employer. This letter will reflect the details of the co-op and make it ‘official’.
  • All required paperwork and assignments associated with co-op work term (ENGR 107) will be accessible in VIU Learn.

During Your Co-op

During a co-op students are encouraged to take full advantage of every opportunity to learn and develop professionally in the field. In addition to all of the new skills and experiences students are being exposed to, they are responsible for various assignments over the course of your co-op. All assignments and course requirements will be accessible via VIU Learn.

Important Dates

ENGR 107 is offered once a year and begins in the Fall semester (September). Students who would like to participate in Co-op must register for ENGR 107 according to VIU’s registration deadlines and the course prerequisites.

Important Resources

Students enrolled in co-op will be able to access program materials through VIU Learn.

Registered co-op students can view active co-op job postings on CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning.

View the VIU Engineering Program page.