The intern may perform everyday business functions, conduct research around business challenges, work on a designated project or a combination of these.

Vancouver Island University's work-integrated learning faculty will provide ongoing support for employers and monitor the intern's progress.

The MBA program has changed. Formally there were four internship start semesters each year but this has now changed to two internship start semesters each year. Students will now be looking for internships starting in January and May of each year. 

Please note that due to the MBA program change our next group of interns will not be seeking internship placement until January 2022.

Duration of the internship is 16 weeks at a minimum of 35 hours per week. 

There is very little paperwork involved in the process and if you choose all of it can be done online via our Centre for Experiential Learning online internship tracking portal CareerVIU.

Yes, each organization is permitted up to two interns at any given time. If, however, you have a large organization capable of supporting multiple interns with office space and mentors we may consider allowing more than two.

Contact a work-integrated learning faculty and find out how we can meet your specific business needs