Hiring Process

Internship Process and Employer Responsibilities

Please find information below regarding the Internship Program that will be helpful for your to understand about the process involved in hiring an Intern and your responsibilities as an employer. All Internship Students are required to submit a Work Term Record through the University's CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning Portal. The Work Term submission process is as follows.

Employer responsibilities are in green:

  1. Student submits Work Term Record
    Intern submits their Work Term Record for review and consideration for approval by their designated Work-integrated Learning Faculty member.

  2. Employer receives Notification Email
    Upon submission, employers who are not yet registered in the CareerVIU portal will be sent a notification email indication that the student has named them as their internship host and requesting them to complete the online registration process. 'If you are already registered, you will not receive this email.

  3. Work Term Record Reviewed and Approved
    The Work Term Record is reviewed and one the coordinator is satisfied with the record it is approved and the student is notified via email that their work record has been approved.

  4. Employer Receives Email Notification of Approval
    If the employer has registered an account they will receive an email notifying them that the record has been approved and is ready for review. If the employer has not yet registered they will be sent another email asking them to register.

  5. Employer Reviews Work Term Record and Completes Check-in Record
    You, the employer. must now login to the CareerVIU portal and review the students submitted Work Term Record to ensure that you agree with the submitted information. You must then complete an online Electronic Check-In Record (E Check-in) advising that you agree with the submitted Work Term Record contents.

  6. One you have completed the review and E Check-in process, the Work Term Record submission process will be considered complete. *Please note that the students internship does not officially start until the completion of the work term record submission process. Delays in completion of the process may result in a change to the students internship start and end dates.*

  7. Mid-point Visit and Final Evaluation
    Your last responsibility will be to meet with the student's Work-integrated learning Faculty member at a scheduled mid-point visit and to complete an online Final Evaluation in the CareerVIU portal at the end of the student's internship.