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Benefits of Hiring a VIU Student

VIU MBA interns offer a rich diversity of knowledge, skills and abilities to help your organization succeed. MBA interns can help your organization fill short-term project needs or longer term recruitment needs; bring a global perspective and graduate level skills to benefit your organization and add value to your team. 


Intern contribution examples:

  • Undertake market research and analysis
  • Investigate and integrate sustainable practices
  • Develop lean strategies and systems
  • Complete a financial and operational analysis
  • Develop marketing strategies including digital communications plan
  • Engage stakeholders for continuous service improvement
  • Undertake succession planning

Internship Process and Employer Responsibilities

All VIU MBA Interns are required to submit a work term record in the online CareerVIU portal.  Employers will be required to assist the intern in formulating the required information.  Work term records outline the internship host contact information, terms of employment, duties and responsibilities, how the position relates to the students MBA learning and deliverables. 
All MBA employers are required to register in the VIU online CareerVIU portal as an MBA internship host.  Following the work term record submission employers who are not yet registered in the CareerVIU system will be sent a notification email indicating that the student has named them as their internship host and requesting them to complete the online registration process. If you are already have an active account in the CareerVIU system you will not receive this email.

Once a work term record (WTR) is submitted it will be reviewed by the students designated MBA work integrated learning faculty.  If the record is deemed complete and the position meets all of the VIU MBA Internship Program requirements the record will be approved.  Once a WTR has been approved the student may begin working on their internship.

Following approval of the students WTR, employers will receive a notification email advising them of the approval. 

If the employer has an active account in the CareerVIU system they will receive an email notifying them that the record has been approved and is ready for review.  If employer has not yet registered they will be sent another email asking them to register.

The employer must then login to CareerVIU and review the students submitted work term record.  Once the employer has reviewed the WTR they must then complete an online Electronic Check-In Record (E Check-In) confirming their review of the submitted work term record contents.
Employers may use the E Check-in process to ask questions or communicate any concerns regarding the WTR to the students WIL faculty member.  If questions or concerns are raised the students WIL faculty member will contact the employer to address the issues.

The  MBA intern will be expected to arrange a mid-point visit between the employer and the WIL faculty member approximately 8 weeks into the internship.  Employers must make themselves available for this meeting.

Around two weeks before the end of the internship the MBA Experiential Learning Assistant will send an email to the employer with a link to complete an online employer final evaluation of the internship.  This final evaluation should be completed by the direct supervisor/mentor who oversaw the students work throughout the internship.

Employer final evaluation emails are sent to the email address that was submitted in the employers CareerVIU account.  There is no need to login to CareerVIU to complete the evaluation as the link will directly open the evaluation for completion.

Employer Testamonials

OneGlobe Education Services LTD. logo

One Globe Education Services

“I believe that the internship is important for MBA students because it allows them to work and evaluate their skills. The value brought to my organization from my intern included new ideas for marketing, advertisements and customer management. Also, hosting an intern inspired other employees to be more creative and effective in their jobs.”

The Salvation Army Logo

Salvation Army

The value the intern brought to the organization was:

“Priceless, we were able to do research for a new business plan that would have been impossible to complete in the timeline available." - Rob Anderson, Director, Nanaimo Ministries

Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Logo

Mount Arrowsmith UNESCO Biosphere Region

“It was wonderful to work with VIU’s MBA program and to have 4 months of support from an intern. The Mount Arrowsmith UNESCO Biosphere Region was able to increase its marketing and communications capacity in the time we worked with our Intern. It was a wonderful way to introduce an international student to our local work and to have a fresh perspective on our messaging.”

MBA Internship Program Brochure

MBA Internship Program Details