Vancouver Island University Peer Supported Learning

PSL are scheduled informal study sessions led by a senior student who has taken the course before. It is a place where there are no dumb questions and students work together to learn the material. Peer-Supported Learning is not remedial learning - it is meant for everyone and focuses on improving learning through working collaboratively. Studies have shown that students learn more and retain information longer when working together.

Courses being supported in Summer 2018:

  • ACCT 100

Courses supported in Spring 2018:

  • ACCT 100
  • ACCT 101
  • ECON 100
  • ECON 211
  • ECON 212
  • BIOL 123

Past Courses Supported:

  • ACCT 201
  • ENGL 115
  • BIOL 121
  • CHEM 140
  • PHYS 111
  • MATH 121
  • DENA 100

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