Prospective Students

Computer Science Co-operative Education

Students outside at VIU Nanaimo campus

There are a range of employment and career options for those pursing a Degree in Computer Science.  Co-op in an excellent way to complement your education and put you in a position to graduate with industry experience and contacts!

Benefits of a Co-op

There are numerous benefits to students who participate in a co-op.  Co-op can help students:

  • Acquire work experience and on-the job training from industry professionals
  • Develop a better sense of career options within the industry
  • Relate academic knowledge and training to the industry
  • Build a network of contacts in the industry and develop professional associations
  • Assist with financing their education
  • Apply feedback from employers and faculty on performance to improve skills and knowledge
  • Improve employment options after graduation

Requirements and How to Apply

The co-op program is optional for students pursing a degree in computer science, meaning students are not required to enroll and participate in co-op in order to graduate with a degree in Computer Science.  However, there are significant benefits to those students who opt to get industry experience while they are pursuing their degree.

Students interested in participating in a co-op must enroll and complete CSCI 307.  The prerequisite for CSCI 307 is: Min “B” average and completion of CSCI 370.  Students must also have completed 2nd year prior to starting their first co-op work term.  

Upon completion of CSCI 307 students can choose to do one, two or three work terms.  Most students will complete their co-op work term in the summer, however there is the option to complete work-terms in the fall and/or spring.