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VIU's New Co-Curricular Involvement App

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What is the Co-Curricular Involvement App?

The Co-Curricular Involvement App is a mobile and desktop application. The application creates opportunities for VIU students, faculty and employees, by delivering highly powered personalized experiences, creating new avenues for communication, driving student outcomes with the power of AI and building a connected data-driven campus.

Within the application three are a number of features that students, faculty and employees can utilize to increase student engagement and success. Some features include:

Co-Curricular Record

With VIU’s Co-Curricular App you can submit your CCR (co-curricular record) notations within seconds! The CCR feature is found in the research tab, or by accessing the side menu. Using this feature you can submit your CCR notations and you will be automatically prompted to complete your reflection! This takes the hassle out of getting credit for your campus experiences. 

You can also find new opportunities for CCR notations in the opportunity directory! The opportunity directory is a quick and easy way to find events and volunteer opportunities to earn credits on your CCR.



The resources tab contains essential information for students. From the resources tab you can access powerful information within the app, including Student Resources, Health & Wellness, CCR, Pathways, Student’s Union, Calendars, the Opportunity Directory, and more. The possibilities here are endless! 

Looking for the next Mariner’s game? Find it in the Mariners folder! Have a CCR notation to submit? The app has you covered in the CCR folder. Need help finding a service on campus? Check out the student resources folder. 



The apps calendar feature is a useful tool to use, especially for busy students. Not only do all VIU events show up in the calendar with the ability to add them to your agenda, but you can add the app calendar to your favourite scheduling apps such as google calendar, apple calendar, outlook, and more. You’ll be sure to never miss another VIU event again! With push notifications turned on you’ll also be notified when your registered event is coming up! 


The pathways function within VIU’s app is a powerful and intuitive feature that is sure to help all students with the transition from in-person to online campus life. When you add a pathway to your account you will be able to access up-to-date information on events, activities, and information. No more searching through busy bulletin boards to find information on events that you’re interested in; now you can stay in the know on what’s important to you instantly, wherever you are.


Using the app, you will have the opportunity to receive different prices for attending VIU events. By scanning the event QR code in the app and attending the event, you will earn points that will get you one step closer to winning different prizes at different levels. For more information on this feature.



The search function is an easy and powerful space, where you can find nearly anything in the app. You can find campus buildings by name, connect with your peers, find new pathways and guides, and so much more. Can’t find an event that you know is coming up? Find it in the events section of the search tab! By using the search function you are accessing the entire app at once, allowing you to seamlessly find anything you are looking for.

Who is the Co-Curricular Involvement App for?

The Co-Curricular Involvement App is created for students to utilize and transform their university experience. Students can use the different features to get involved on campus, find helpful VIU resources, and communicate with their peers. Both VIU faculty and employees have access to the application to ensure that all events, resources, and other important information is found within the app. 

Why should I download the Co-Curricular Involvement App?

The App’s features have been created in a meaningful way to turn student involvement into engagement by putting the VIU community, events and resources into the students hands. By using the App students will have 24/7 support and access to the VIU community, including events and resources. The App is a convenient tool that can be utilized by all students to enhance their experiences and academic journey at VIU. 

How to access the Co-Curricular Involvement App

The app will be available for download using the links below or you can access the access the web version.

Where can I download the Co-Curricular Involvement App?

The app is available for download on Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.


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