A group of MBA students in class

Dheeraj Menghi

PGDIM, BTech MBA Candidate

Specialty – Marketing

Career goal -To hold a chief executive position in the future and contribute my skills and knowledge to the development of the organization and mankind.

BIO - My name is Dheeraj Menghi and am currently pursuing MBA at VIU. With a Post Graduate Diploma in International Marketing and Baccalaureate in Engineering, I have acquired technical and management,knowledge and aptitude. With above 6 years of experience in Sales, I have excelled at the art of customer relationship building,client focus and retention that leads to customer satisfaction, and increased revenues for the company. I believe in creativity and designing and so Digital Media inspires me. I love it so much that I like to design our family celebration invitations myself.
I am a person who believes in ethics, moral values, discipline and hard work. Integrity is of utmost importance to me. I like reading,dancing and public speaking and my free time gets occupied by these fun-filled activities.
We all face challenges and so did I, but overcoming them is what makes them interesting. While working with the previous company, my manager referred a difficult customer to me. This customer  was disappointed with the service provided and was planning to cancel the contract with the company. The customer had decided to write bad about the company on the website. This would have meant a huge loss for the company. After gaining knowledge about the situation, I contacted the customer and met him and apologized to him for the inconvenience caused and offered to assist him throughout the process. I assured the customer that his requirements would be met and and his satisfaction would be our top most priority. After a couple of meetings and phone calls, I was able to convince the customer to continue business with the company and renew the contract by offering the service, he was looking for. As a result, the customer was happy and delighted to have met me to solve his problem. So, this is how I used my communication skills and industry expertise to solve the problem and turned an unhappy customer into a happy one. With an inclination towards helping people and when my role gave me an opportunity to do so, I felt motivated and excited!!

What can I offer -

Outstanding market growth

Brand recognition and awareness

Excellent customer service

Strongest skills - Building Long-term Relationships, Client Focus, Communicating Effectively and Supportively.

Why are you attending this Fab 40 Event?:

Chamber of commerce is a business community promoting the interest of local businesses. I am looking for job opportunities in banking sector. In this event I will be able to meet business leaders who can help me to expand my understanding of financial job market.

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