A group of MBA students in class

Kim Hoa Do

BA MBA Candidate

Career goal - Working worldwide in a multinational hospitality corporation and becoming a front line leader in the organization.

BIO - I'm a B.A graduate with specialization in accounting and finance. Having many years of working experience as frontline manager at multinational hospitality corporations, accounting and financial management. Possessing deep understanding and knowledge of international accounting principles and financial report analysis. My current focus is pursuing MBA in finance to get an opportunity to work at finance department for one of the international hotel brands in Canada. Long term goals are, getting CPA certificate in Canada and attaining a high level position in hospitality industry, such as a frontline leadership. I’m interested in the details as well as the overall big picture of a task, and I feel comfortable when optimizing and improving processes. Moreover, I am flexible and can work collaboratively within a team in order to achieve the common goals and objectives. 

What can I offer -

Quick in adapting to new situations

Proactive and creative in handling tasks

Logical and analytical in thought process

Strongest skills - Supportive and constructive communication. Solving problem. Leadership skill.

Why are you attending this Fab 40 Event?:

Event means to me an opportunity to interact with business leaders and establish networking opportunity. My participation in the event would avail me a chance of having firsthand knowledge of the roles of the Chamber of Commerce in business in Canada generally and in Nanaimo specifically.  This event also is an opportunity for sharing with the network audience my knowledge of operations in the hospitality industry in Vietnam both for local and foreign corporations from the perspective of a management member. Finally, the event would support my search for an internship placing in numerous business organizations that will be participating in the event.

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