A group of MBA students in class

Senthil Gowrithasan

MBA Candidate

Specialty - Finance

Career Goal - As a Chartered Management Accountant and Charted Global Management Accountant with nearly a decade of expertise in the field of Management Accounting and Financial Analysis my contribution to the Multinational enterprises I worked for was enormous. Managed in various supervisory levels in Finance with the exposure to ERP systems, my career objective is always firm which is built upon the core values and strengths of mine that is to dig deep and explore the areas yet to be tapped, master it and ultimately stand out among many by creating difference that is of real value to my organization.

Why are you attending this Fab 40 Event?:

This event is going to bring some of the key manufacturing industries that I’m looking for and also the presence of high profile business leaders in the region, this is in fact going to make a difference in my career moving forward. I can further enhance my knowledge on the sectors of business I’m really interested in and this is a clear opportunity to show up and market myself among many. Moreover this is a channel for networking and building up true relationship which is the key first step to get an internship offer that I would dream of. Finally I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to VIU and the entire Internship team to offer me this golden opportunity to take part one of the fabulous events organized by Chamber of Commerce of Victoria.

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