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How Does Employee Print Work?

What is FindMe?

FindMe is a print queue you can print your documents to. You can then release the print job on any Findme (Ricoh) printers at any VIU campus.

  1. Please ensure that you have an employee ID card. For information on obtaining an employee ID card, see: VIU ID for Employees

  2. If you are on a personal device or a Mac, you will need to install the FindMe queue on your device. If you are on a VIU-issued Windows computer, you can skip to the next step.

    Installing the FindMe Printer (Windows 7)
    Installing the FindMe Printer (Windows 10)
    Installing the FindMe Printer (MacOS)

  3. Print your document. Choose findme on as the destination printer.

  4. Tap your employee ID card on the Ricoh printer's card reader. You may need to enter your VIU username and password the first time you print. For more information, see Programming your Employee Card.

If you need to be added to a Cost Center, please have your Area Secretary fill out this form.

Using Multiple Cost Centres?

Follow the steps in the documentation below:
Install the PaperCut Client
Release your print job

Managed Print Resources

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