FindMe Printer Locations

Each area is equipped with a shared photocopier for use by faculty and staff. To use these, print to FindMe on For large print jobs, please use VIU Print Services.

Nanaimo Campus

Printer NamePrinter Type/ModelBuilding / Room / DepartmentType
108-135-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex108 / 135Colour
110-111-ricohRICOH MP 5055110/111Greyscale
120-116-ricohRICOH MP C307120 / 116Colour
120-200-ricoh1RICOH IM C3500180/332Colour
130-ricohRICOH IM C3500130Colour
150-107-ricohRICOH IM C3500200 / 309Colour
150-110-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex150 / 110Colour
164-120-ricohRICOH MP 501164 / 120Greyscale
170-ricohRICOH IM C3500170/122Colour
180-111-ricohRICOH IM C6000180/111Colour
180-225-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex180 / 225Colour
180-425-ricohRICOH MP C307180/425Colour
180-433-ricohRICOH MP C307305/102Colour
180-439-ricoh2RICOH MP 6503180 / 439Greyscale
180-542-ricoh1RICOH MP 3555180/542Greyscale
180-546-ricohRICOH MP 6503180 / 546Greyscale
180-560-ricohRICOH MP C307180/560Colour
190-101-ricohRICOH MP C307190/101Colour
190-200-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex190/200Colour
200-205-ricohRICOH MP C307200/205Colour
200-214-ricohRICOH MP C307200/214Colour
200-218-ricohRICOH MP C307200/218Colour
200-221-ricohRICOH IM C3500200 / 221 Copy RoomColour
200-223-ricohRICOH IM C3500200/223Colour
200-339-ricohRICOH IM C6000200/339Colour
200-343-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex200 / 343Colour
205-221a-ricohRICOH MP 6503205 / 221Greyscale
210-324-ricohRICOH MP C6004ex210 / 324Colour
210-425-ricohRICOH MP C6004ex210 / 245Colour
250-348-ricohRICOH IM C6000250/348Colour
250-406-ricohRICOH MP C6004ex250 / 406Colour
255-206-ricoh1RICOH MP 5055255/204Greyscale
255-206-ricoh2RICOH MP 5055255/204Greyscale
255-206-ricoh3RICOH MP C3504ex255 / 204 Copy RoomColour
255-206-ricoh4RICOH MP C3504ex255 Copy RoomColour
255-240-ricohRICOH IM C6000255/240Colour
255-246-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex255/246Colour
300-107a-ricohRICOH IM C3500300/107aColour
300-129-ricohRICOH MP C307300/129Colour
300-130-ricohRICOH MP C307300/130Colour
300-141-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex300 / 141 HallwayColour
300-143-ricohRICOH IM C3500300/143Colour
300-209-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex300 / 209Colour
300-301-ricoh2RICOH MP C307120-234Colour
300-311-ricohRICOH MP C307300 / 311Colour
300-312-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex300/312Colour
305-110-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex305/110Colour
305-224-ricohRICOH MP 3555305/224Greyscale
305-252-ricohRICOH MP 3555380/100Greyscale
305-252-ricoh2RICOH MP C3504ex305 / 252Colour
305-280-ricohRICOH MP C6004ex305 / 280Colour
305-280-ricoh1RICOH MP 3555305 / 280Greyscale
305-303ricohRICOH MP C3504ex305 / 303Colour
305-374-ricohRICOH MP C307305/374Colour
305-431-ricohRICOH IM C3500305/431Colour
305-432-ricohRICOH MP C307305/432Colour
305-448-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex305 / 448Colour
305-474-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex305 / 474Colour
305-511-ricohRICOH MP C307305/511Colour
305-512a-ricohRICOH MP C307305/512Colour
310-109-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex310 / 109Colour
310-130-ricoh1RICOH IM C3500310/130Colour
310-140-ricohRICOH MP C307310 / 204Colour
315-210-ricohRICOH IM C3500315/210Colour
340-226-ricohRICOH MP C6004ex340/226Colour
350-115-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex350 / 115Colour
355-110-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex355 / 110Colour
355-317-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex355 / 317Colour
356-208-ricohRICOH MP C3504356 / 208Colour
356-229-ricohRICOH IM C6000356-229Colour
356-309a-ricohRICOH IM C6000356/309aColour
356-309-ricohRICOH MP C307356 / 309Colour
359-200-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex359 / 200Colour
360-318-ricoh1RICOH MP 6503360/318Greyscale
360-321-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex360 / 321Colour
370-209-ricohRICOH MP C307370 / 209Colour
373-212-ricohRICOH MP 3555373 / 212Greyscale
395-200-ricohRICOH IM C3500395 / 200Colour
residence-4-104-ricohRICOH MP C3504exStudent Residence 4-104Colour

Cowichan Campus

Printer NamePrinter Type/ModelBuilding / Room / DepartmentType
700-164-ricohRICOH IM C3500700 / 164Colour
700-176-ricohRICOH IM C3500700 / 176Colour
700-195-ricohRICOH MP C307700 / 195 Cowichan BookstoreColour
700-210-ricohRICOH IM C3500700 / 210Colour
700-304-ricohRICOH IM C3500700 / 304Colour
760-03a-ricohRICOH IM C3500Cowichan Trades CentreColour

Parksville-Qualicum Centre

Printer NamePrinter Type/ModelBuilding / Room / DepartmentType
620-258rc3500RICOH IM C3500620 / 258Colour

Powell River Campus

Printer NamePrinter Type/ModelBuilding / Room / DepartmentType
610-118-ricohRICOH MP C307610 / 137Colour
610-122-ricohRICOH MP C6004ex610 / 122Colour
616-100-ricohRICOH MP C307616 / 100 AutomotiveColour
618-100-ricohRICOH MP 3555618 / 100 carpentryGreyscale

Deep Bay Marine Field Station

Printer NamePrinter Type/ModelBuilding / Room / DepartmentType
480-207-ricoh1RICOH MP C307480 / 207Colour
480-207-ricoh2RICOH MP C307480 / 207Colour

Horticulture Training Centre

Printer NamePrinter Type/ModelBuilding / Room / DepartmentType
400-100-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex400 / 100Colour

Milner Gardens and Woodland

Printer NamePrinter Type/ModelBuilding / Room / DepartmentType
470-100-ricohRICOH MP C3504ex470 / 100Colour