Student Affairs Strategic Plan


Vancouver Island University has engaged in integrated planning for a number of years and as a part of this planning has engaged specific divisions to develop strategic plans in alignment with the current Academic Plan which serves as the key organizing document for the institution.

The last strategic plan for student services was completed in 2013 as an outcome of the initial Academic Plan in 2010.  Since that time, a change in Student Affairs leadership, changing environmental conditions and an update to the Academic Plan has taken place necessitating the development of a new plan for Student Affairs that builds on past strengths and activities.

In the broadest sense, Student Affairs concerns the umbrella of activity in the form of programs, services and supports that contribute to student learning and success and fulfill the institution’s obligations and responsibilities to all students. In this way, Student Affairs at Vancouver Island University plays a critical role in supporting successful student engagement and learning, one of the key objectives of the Academic Plan.  Historically, Student Affairs in higher education has focused on the holistic development of students through the provision of programs and services that extend learning beyond the classroom.

Student Affairs Strategic Planning-Mandate

The development of the Student Affairs plan arises from action item #6 in the Academic Plan:  Promoting and Celebrating Access to Excellence.  The action item reads:

6. Complete a Student Services Plan for Student Affairs.  

  • Future student services must be scaled and organised to provide optimal support for the scope of student services activity identified in the Academic Plan.
  • A strategic review of existing and future services is required.
  • The review should include representation from student service providers, students, faculty and administrative staff.

Action: The Executive Director, Student Affairs is requested to complete a Student Services Plan with resourcing requirements by January 2018.  (This completion date has been extended to May 31, 2018), p. 19.

Advisory Committee

The AVP Student Affairs Leadership team is leading the consultation process.  An advisory committee of representatives from across the institution will confirm the process to be followed, review the results of the process and provide recommendations for inclusion.

Student Affairs
AVP - Chair Carrie Chassels
Director Marge Huntley
Director Tina McComb
Director Stephanie White
Cowichan - Advising Dave Barck
Assessment Felicity Blaiklock
Services for Aboriginal Students Jennifer Christoffersen
Disability Access Services Denise Hook
Centre for Experiential Learning Brook Pearce
External Departments
Aboriginal Education and Engagement Tasha Brooks
Degree Advisor Eric Demers
International Education Kate Jennings
University Planning and Analysis Kathryn Snow
VIU Library Ben Hyman
VIU Residences Kelly Muir
VIUSU James Bowen
Graduate Student Kirby Delaney
Undergraduate Student Spencer Croft

Student Affairs Strategic Plan Process

Consultation Process

A process has been developed to allow for broad community consultation including students, faculty, staff and administration.  A review of secondary data from a variety of institutional surveys and reports along with other divisional strategic plans is included along with an environmental scan and consideration of best, promising and emerging practices from other post-secondary institutions.

Student Affairs Strategic Planning - Employee Access


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