About our Success Coach

 Sharon Kelly, MA PCC

Sharon Kelly

Our Success Coach is a professional coach and she is available to students through VIU Cares, via coaching conversations -  on zoom and on the phone.  She also offers workshops (via zoom) as well. 

She connects with students as they enter university and set up for a successful year as well as throughout the entire school year as the inevitable bumps in the road occur.  She will partner with you as you navigate fear and uncertainty to create resilience, wellbeing and action towards your version of success while you journey along the road of being a student at VIU.

Sharon enjoys encouraging and supporting students as they determine who and what they want to be and as they develop the mindset, capacity and skill set to go after their dreams and live out their ideals. 

Sharon is a Certified Life Coach, Wellness Coaching Specialist, Narrative Coach, Enhanced Practitioner and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation. She has completed the Gottman Method of Relationship enhancement (Level 1 and Level 2) and is an approved member of Gottman Relationship Checkup for use in relationship coaching.  She is a Neurozone Certified Coach, which means she is upskilled to work with individuals and teams to help them prevent burnout, facilitate enhanced resilience and set them up for high performance. Finally, she completed the Conscious Business Coaching Certificate which means she can help you through work related conversations that are challenging as well.

Sharon's people development career began over 30 years ago and she has been a Recreation Therapist, teacher, Educational Counsellor and Degree Advisor and her educational background includes an MA from the University of Alberta.  She currently also teaches  in the Faculty of Management in addition to coaching students.

Professional Certified Coach



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