Students Transferring to VIU

VIU Blog: 5 Questions about University Transfers

Please be aware that VIU has a Residency Requirement for VIU credentials.  Connect with an educational advisor at if you have questions about how transfer will affect your progress towards your desired goal.

Transfer Credits at VIU

Transfer Credits at Vancouver Island University

Steps to transfer to VIU

    1. Apply to the appropriate program. You will be considered for admission as a transfer student if you have: 
      • at least 24 transferable university-level credits completed or
      • less than 24 credits but high school graduation with a minimum "C" in English 12 AND
      • any additional program specific admission requirements
    2. You are required to submit all official secondary and post-secondary transcripts from institutions you have attended to Registration Services before receiving an offer of admission. Transcripts should be sent directly from the institutions that you have studied at.
    3. Transfer credit will be assessed from official transcripts after you have been admitted as a student.  It may take some time for these credits to be added to your VIU Student Record. VIU is committed to processing transfer credit in a timely manner. 
    4. If you are waiting for your transfer credits to be assessed, you can discuss course selection with an Educational Advisor.  Connect at You may wish to have copies of previous post-secondary transcripts available to refer to when you contact us.  If you are transferring from a BC post-secondary institution, you can assist the process by using the online BC Transfer Guide before your discussion.  In some cases, you may be referred directly to the appropriate Degree Advisor.

Register for courses

    • You will be assigned a date in May (or, if applying late, after you accept your offer of admission and pay your tuition deposit) to register for the upcoming Fall (September) and Spring (January) courses.  Course planning is easiest if you have all transcripts assessed and in your VIU Student Record.
    • Review the Web Registration Tutorial before your assigned date and plan and draft your course registration.
    • Contact if you have questions.