Career Preparation

You don't want to wait until the last year of your program to start thinking about your career. We have put together a list of activities broken down by year to help you plan for your success post graduation.

In addition to those activities that you started in first year, continue on a guided path by:

  • Continue to get involved on or off campus
  • Still not sure where your degree is leading you? Check out the “What can I do with my degree?” section of our website
  • Fine tune your resume and cover letter
  • If you want to study abroad now is the time to get started. Start planning your study abroad experience now.

It won’t be long before you will be graduating. Don’t wait until your fourth (or fifth) year to get started with your professional development. In addition to those activities you have adopted in your first and second year, to continue to grow:

  • Conduct informational interviews to network with employers and gain insider information on what employers are looking for in candidates
  • Talk to a Career Advisor to explore career and further education options after graduation
  • Continue to practice your interview skills
  • Brand yourself through social media    
    • Join LinkedIn to build a professional online profile and join discussion groups in your field of study
  • Network with alumni and employers. There are plenty of opportunities to network in Nanaimo
  • Explore career and further education options
  • Find job postings that interest you and take note of their requirements and any you might be missing
  • Investigate graduate diplomas, masters degrees, Post-degree Diplomas and advanced diplomas
  • Study for and taking graduate and professional entrance exams (if required)
  • Find a summer job or internship relevant to your field of study

Congratulations! You are on the home stretch, but that means it is more important than ever to prioritize your professional development.