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Peer-Supported Learning (PSL) offers free, regularly scheduled, informal study sessions led by a senior student who has been successful in this course. At its core the PSL program helps students integrate what to learn with how to learn and it has been successfully implemented around the world as an effective study program.

PSL is a place to get your questions answered, practice using and studying the course content and develop different learning strategies. PSL is meant for everyone, is open to all students and focuses on improving learning, developing study skills and ultimately maximizing your potential

Studies show that students who attend PSL sessions generally increase their grade by at least one letter grade.  Last year 72% of students who attended PSL sessions found it to be helpful in learning the course material.

We look forward to seeing you at our online sessions!

Spring 2020 - PSL Supported Courses

Due to the current situation we have moved the PSL Leaders office hours to an online format.

 The PSL team wants to ensure you still have the opportunity to connect with your classmates, while learning the content from your course.  We hope you will join your leader to get your questions answered.  We have implemented two ways for this to happen. 

  • Facebook groups have been established for each content area, and PSL Leaders has scheduled specific times to monitor and answer questions.  You can post questions or comments anytime in these groups for your classmates, but we have posted the dedicated time your leader will be monitoring the page
  • Office hours will now take place using ZOOM.  Many of you may already be aware of this format, as many of your professors will also be using this.  Again, we have a set schedule for you to connect with your leader.

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  • ACCT 100   Sections: S20N01, N02, N03
  • ACCT 294   Sections: S20N02, N03
  • BIOL 123     Sections: S20N01, N02, N03, N04, N05, N06, N07, N08
  • CHEM 142   Sections: S20N05, N06
  • PHED 201    Sections: S20N01, N02
  • PSYC 111    Sections: S20N02
  • PSYC 112    Sections: S20N01, 06, 07
  • ECON 100    Sections: S20N01, 03

We encourage you to tell us how we’re doing. Send us a message and let us know if you’ve had a positive experience or have suggestions for ways we can improve our program.

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