Other Funding Sources

A source for interactive information & tools designed to help you save, plan & pay for post-secondary education. To learn more visit the Government of Canada Student Financial Assistance website.

Canada Apprentice Loan Service Centre (CALSC)

  • The Government of Canada is committed to supporting registered apprentices throughout their training
  • The Canada Apprentice Loan helps get money you need to achieve your goals
  • To learn more visit the Government of Canada website

Canada Learning Bond

  • The Canada Learning Bond offers $500 to help you start saving for your child’s education after high school
  • Your child could get an additional $100 every year until they turn 15 years old to a maximum of $2,000
  • The Canada Learning Bond does not require any parent contribution
  • To learn more visit the VIU Canada Learning Bond website

Employment and Social Development Canada

  • Funding programs from Employment and Social Development Canada are government grants and contributions to help support jobs, training, and social development
  • To learn more visit the Government of Canada website

Higher Ed Points

Help fund your Education with Aeroplan Miles

  • Turn Aeroplan loyalty program points (earned by you, your parents, friends or any other nice people you know) into tuition credits
  • Use your student number to apply credits
  • To learn more visit the Higher Ed Points website