VIU SAB deadlines and processes

There are two deadlines to apply for VIU scholarships, awards and bursaries (SAB):

We recommend that you complete your SAB Profile between September and October 30 every year, and update by March 30 deadline.

You must be in "good standing" as per the Student Conduct Policy to be considered for VIU's scholarships, awards and bursaries (SAB) program.

International students are eligible to apply for scholarships and awards, unless the criteria indicates otherwise. Be sure to complete your SAB Profile!

VIU scholarship, award and bursary (SAB) profile

You must have a VIU Student Number to apply!

Complete in 4 easy steps by Application Deadlines!

  1. Log onto your VIU Student Record
  2. Click on "Finances" tab and then choose Scholarship Award Bursary Profile
  3. Answer questions relevant to you and upload any supporting information
  4. Click "Save Profile" We will use the saved information for selections

Midnight - October 30: Bursaries

Midnight - March 30: Scholarships, Awards, and Entrance Awards

  • Complete your SAB profile each year between early September and March 30. We recommend that you do this every year before October 30.
  • Profiles are closed from March 31 to August 31 for internal updating.
  • Bursary recipients will be notified via email early January
  • Entrance Award recipients by late June via regular mail
  • Scholarship and Award recipients by late July via regular mail
  • Research, Graduate, Conference and Travel recipients by mid-December and mid-May

Please keep your contact information in your student record up to date.

If you make any enrollment changes or withdraw from classes, and you have a scholarship, award, or bursary, you must contact Financial Aid & Awards.