Deadlines and Processes

Students must currently be in "good standing" as per the Student Conduct Policy to be considered for Vancouver Island University scholarships / awards / bursaries. Scholarship / award / bursary programs, coordinated through the Financial Aid & Awards office, provide financial assistance to eligible students in their pursuit of post-secondary education.

 Scholarships / awards / bursaries are funded by a combination of University funds, government grants and private donations managed by the VIU Advancement and Alumni Relations. The application process and approval of student recipients is a function of the Financial Aid & Awards Office. A Selection Committee, made up of representatives from across the institution, exists to select recipients for scholarships / awards / bursaries with criteria of a discretionary nature.

VIU Scholarship, Award and Bursary Profile

You must have a VIU Student Number to apply!

Complete in 4 easy steps by Application Deadlines!

  1. Log onto your VIU Student Record
  2. Click on "Finances" tab and then choose Scholarship / Award / Bursary Profile
  3. Answer questions relevant to you and upload any supporting information
  4. Click Save (last information saved will be used for selections)

Check out the VIU Scholarship, Award and Bursary Application Video for a step-by-step process

NOON - October 31: Bursary / Research / Conference / Travel

NOON - March 31: Scholarship / Award / Entrance / Research / Travel

  • You must complete your profile each year between early September and March 31 as information is not brought forward annually.
  • Profiles are closed to students from April 1 to August 31 for internal updating.
  • Bursary recipients will be notified via email early January
  • Entrance Award recipients by mid to late June
  • Scholarship / Award recipients by mid to late July
  • Research, Graduate, Conference & Travel recipients by mid-Dec & mid-May
  • Visit Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries for specific award information
  • Provide clear, concise and relevant information, where required
  • Ensure you check any affiliations and/or memberships relative to you
  • Provide detailed information on financial hardships
  • Check the external listings for available funding sources outside of VIU

If you have received a scholarship, award or bursary you must contact the Financial Aid & Awards Office if you make any enrollment changes or withdraw from any classes.