Scholarships & Awards

To apply for VIU Scholarships & Awards, unless otherwise noted in the award criteria, students must complete their Scholarship, Award & Bursary Profile from their student record between early September and March 31 NOON each year as information is not brought forward annually.  

Learn how to apply using the Scholarship, Award & Bursary Profile

Scholarships and Awards will be selected based on minimum course load requirements, grade point average requirements, specific donor criteria and information provided on your Scholarship, Award & Bursary Profile.

Lieutenant Governor’s Medal Program for Inclusion, Democracy and Reconciliation

The Lieutenant Governor’s medal program was expanded from students enrolled in one-year certificate programs only, to also include two-year diploma and four-year undergraduate degree programs at public post-secondary institutions in British Columbia.  Eligible students include British Columbia residents, out-of-province and international students enrolled in their last year of studies who will graduate during the academic year.

Lieutenant Governor's Medal Program - Nomination & Application Form

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Published award information is subject to change.  Many of the awards are funded by interest earned on endowment funds established by very generous donors. The interest earned for the awards will vary with the financial markets.

Additional funding sources

Transfer Awards

Students transferring to the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, or Simon Fraser University are advised to contact the respective institution's Financial Aid & Awards office as each have many "in-house" scholarships and bursaries, some of which are specifically designated for students transferring from regional colleges or universities.

Irving K. Barber Scholarships

Transfer Scholarships

Up to 160 scholarships of $5,000 each are available to students who have completed at least one year of full-time study and must transfer to another public post-secondary institution in BC to complete their degree. Application deadline: September 30, 2020 

Please note, GPA, residency criteria and application processes have been changed. For full details, see the: Irving K. Barber - Transfer Scholarships website.

BC Indigenous Student Awards*

Awards of $1,000 to $5,000 are available to BC residents of Aboriginal ancestry who have been active in their school or community and who are planning to study in a certificate, diploma, degree, or approved trades / apprenticeship program.

BC Indigenous Teacher Education Awards*

Awards of $5,000 are available to Aboriginal students registered in a teacher education program at a BC University, which leads to certification by the BC Teachers' Council. This includes programs leading to a Developmental Standard Term Certificate in First Nations Language and Culture.

* Deadline Extension

Please be advised that due to ongoing COVID-19 impacts – including the ability of students to complete online applications and secure required references -  the deadline to apply for 2020 Indigenous Student Awards – all Programs – has been extended to May 29, 2020.

For applications and information regarding the One World, Pacific Horizons or Premiers International Scholarships, please visit the Irving K. Barber site.

Women in Technology & Indigenous Women in Technology Scholarships

Ten scholarships valued at $10,000 each available to recognize women who are excelling at the study of Computer/Data Science, Engineering or Mathematics at the post-secondary level.  At least one of these scholarships is dedicated to a woman of Indigenous ancestry. For more information, see the Irving K. Barber: Women in Technology Scholarships page.

W.L. Mackenzie King Memorial Scholarships

Two classes of Mackenzie King Scholarships are available to graduates of Canadian universities and are to support graduate study.

Open Scholarships

Available to graduates of Canadian universities to pursue graduate study in any discipline, in Canada or elsewhere.  One Open Scholarship is awarded each year. The value has recently been about $10,000 but it is subject to change.

Traveling Scholarships

Available to graduates of Canadian universities to pursue graduate study in the United States or the United Kingdom in the areas of international relations or industrial relations. Recently four scholarships of $11,000 each have been awarded annually but the number and the amount are subject to change.