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Campus Student Employment

Campus Student Employment

Looking for a job on campus?

Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Work-Op postings are now available for viewing in CareerVIU. Please check out How to Search for Jobs in CareerVIU portal. Students who are registered in 9 credits or more and have a valid Social Insurance Number are eligible for Fall/Spring Work-Op positions. See below for more information on eligibility requirements.

Just been hired for a campus student employment position? Congratulations!

The Student Employment office manages all VIU on-campus Work-Op and Non Work-Op appointments and processes. See below if you are an enrolled and/or continuing VIU student working on campus and paid a bi-weekly salary or by submitting timesheets. Student campus jobs fall into one of three categories: Work-Op; Non Work-Op (including Research); and Canada Summer Jobs.


Forms and information to get you started

The Student Appointment Form has sections to be completed by both you and your supervisor and must be emailed to before starting work. Please note that forms sent in without all the required signatures and information, including Work Order numbers, cannot be processed and could result in delayed pay for the student.

Only the Student Appointment form needs to be submitted at this time; please do not wait for Payroll documents to be ready before sending it in. Payroll Documents (tax forms & direct deposit forms) should be emailed directly to Payroll without copying student employment.

Approved time-sheets signed by you and your supervisor should also be emailed to They are generally due weekly on Thursdays, but sometimes change, so please check Payroll for the current  timesheet schedule.  If you are working at VIU for the first time and don't know your employee number, please do not submit timesheets without it. Notification sent out when computer/email accounts are generated will include the number, so Payroll asks that you please wait for that notification and note it on the timesheet.

CCR Transcript

On-campus student employment is recognized through the Co-Curricular Record.

All Work-Op positions can now be found on the CCR Opportunity Directory and/or CareerVIU, the Work Integrated Learning portal.

See an example of a Co-Curricular Record


Types of Student Employment


Wage Reimbursement

Work-Op is a fund managed through the Student Employment office to provide campus jobs to enrolled VIU students. Applications are open twice a year – once for the summer semester and again for the Fall and Spring together. Applications are approved in 50-hour blocks and reimbursed at minimum wage plus 12% for mandatory employer costs.

Note: Students are allowed only one Work-op position per semester except in special circumstances. All exceptions to eligibility or to the number of positions must have approval from the Student Employment office.

Non Work-Op

Department Funded

Non Work-Op covers all other campus work for VIU students, paid entirely out of departmental cost centres. Students must meet our eligibility requirements to qualify for student positions and must be paid minimum wage or higher. Research Assistant positions that are paid bi-weekly (salary) or by submitted timesheets are Non Work-Op and processed through the Student Employment office. Please contact the Research office if you will be making alternative payment arrangements.

Note: If a student’s course ends mid-semester, they are permitted to work up until the last day of that month.

Canada Summer Jobs

Government Funded

The Canada Summer Jobs program provides funding to help provide career-related work experience for youth aged 15 to 30 years old. A call for applications goes out every year, usually in January, and the Student Employment office submits an application on behalf of anyone interested in applying for funding. Once our office is notified of approval, we work with the applicants to process the appointments, ensuring that the details are in line with our funding agreement, then submit a claim form and distribute the reimbursement amounts appropriately.

Work-Op dates for Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

The schedule below provides an overview of the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 Work-Op Program.


Fall/Spring Work-Op Period

September 6, 2022 to April 26, 2023

Position Availability

Starting Monday, August 12th

Positions will be visible on CareerVIU and
the CCR Opportunity Directory.

Final Timesheet Deadline

May 4, 2023 is the last date for submitting timesheets to Payroll to be eligible for reimbursement.

Rate of Pay and Reimbursement

The hourly base rate for Work-Op positions is $15.65 per hour (BC minimum wage) plus all statutory entitlements. Departments intending to recognize higher demands or skill-specific qualifications required by the nature of the responsibilities in their approved position may supplement the base rate of pay with departmental funds. The department will be responsible for both hourly top-up and employer related costs associated with that increase (12% of hourly increase above base).

The number of hours your position has been approved for can be found in your approval email. These hours can be spread out between the two semesters and/or between students at your discretion within the allowed dates.

SUPERVISORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRACKING THE NUMBER OF HOURS WORKED AND ENSURING THAT TIMESHEETS ARE SENT TO PAYROLL WEEKLY. The Work-Op Program will NOT reimburse any timesheets that were submitted after the May 4, 2023 final timesheet deadline or for hours worked outside the Work-Op timelines.  Please see the tracking sheet that is found in the form section above.


Frequently Asked Questions for Supervisors

The Work-Op period runs from the first day of a semester to the last day of final exams. Specific dates for each Work-Op period will be noted in the Call-Out email.

Yes, hours can be split between the Fall and Spring semesters as you like, but Summer hours can only be used in the Summer.

No, they can definitely work more. Check your approval email to see how many hours that will be funded and use the Cumulative Timesheet Record above to track students' hours.

Minimum wage is $15.65/hour as of June 1, 2022. Reimbursement for hours worked is based on the minimum wage rate on the day of work. We also add 12% to the reimbursement to cover other employment costs, like vacation pay, etc.

Fall/Spring Work-Op period: after each semester ends plus an additional one before year-end.

Summer: one reimbursement after the semester ends.

Watch for the call-out emails every Spring then follow the instructions to log into CareerVIU and post your job by the stated deadlines. You will also need to submit an Application Approval form by the same deadline and we will let you know within a few weeks if you were approved for any or all of the positions requested.

Fall and Spring semesters: students need to be enrolled full-time at VIU, i.e. three 3-credit courses, or two Academic and Career Prep or ESL courses, but students with documented disabilities are eligible with only six credits.

Summer semester:  students need to be enrolled in one 3-credit course, or one ACP or ESL course.

International students: must meet all the eligibility requirements noted above but must also have a valid Study Permit or have an acknowledgement letter that indicates they have applied to renew their permit prior to its expiration date.

Students are not allowed to work in more than one Work-Op position, but they can also have a Non Work-Op position at the same time.

You need to create a posting as part of the application for funding, but there is a place on the posting form where you indicate whether you want the posting made visible to students. If you already have a student you want to hire you can just answer no to this question.

Work Order numbers and Activity Codes are now needed for creating appointments, replacing cost centres and object codes. Supervisors should contact their dean's office or the person in charge of departmental finances for these numbers.

As of Fall 2021, all approved Work-Op positions have been added to the Co-Curricular Record Opportunity Directory. If you are in a  Non Work-Op or Canada Summer Jobs position and are looking for your involvement to be recognized, please email for more information.

As of Fall 2021, all approved Work-Op positions have been added to the Co-Curricular Record Opportunity Directory. If you have received approval for your Work-Op position, as a VIU Faculty/Staff you will now be considered as the position Validator. As a Validator, you will be responsible to approve the students' reflection based upon their selected VIU Graduate Attributes. The Co-Curricular Record team will be in touch with all Validator's with more information and details. Thank you!


Contact Us

In August 2020 the Student On-Campus Employment office moved from the Centre for Experiential Learning to Financial Aid and Awards.

For enquiries related to external, off-campus jobs for students, please email


Bernie Heise

Student Campus Employment Specialist


Jennifer Jensen-Richards

Manager, Financial Aid Access,
Resources and Assessment Services


Co-Curricular Record

Office of Co-Curricular
Engagement & Learning