Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services is located in Building 255 (second floor). See Campus Maps

For students who rely on elevators for access, opt-in to receive Elevator Outage notifications

If you notice a blocked pathway, door opener not working, etc., please report an access issue

Are you a returning student who needs an updated accommodation letter?

If you just need the dates on your accommodation letter updated, there is no need to see an Access Specialist. Simply fill out the form linked below!

Request for Updated Accommodation Letter

New Students (not yet registered with Accessibility Services)

All students with disabilities are encouraged to register with our office.

Accessibility Services provides information, support services, and reasonable accommodation to students with documented disabilities including:

  • mental health conditions
  • ADHD
  • learning disabilities
  • chronic health issues
  • hearing/visual impairments
  • physical disabilities
  • temporary impairments due to accidents or injury

Students Already Registered With Accessibility Services

VIU students with a documented disability may be entitled to reasonable academic and/or exam accommodation. This is determined on an individual basis and must be supported by current documents from a qualified professional. Students requiring accommodation are strongly encouraged to contact Student Affairs at least one month before the beginning of the semester.