Three students and their PSL Leader in a class room working on problems

What Students are Saying

Impact of Course Material: More than 65% found it helpful or very helpful .

This data was collected from 2017-2018 anonymous survey data.

Quotes from our Students

“I met a few students who I was able to study with, outside of class-room time, which helped me a lot, and continued to study with for other subject or course”

"As an international Student I felt comforted by the fact that not only did I have the full support of my professor, but also a group of students, just like me, willing to lend me a hand and help me out during the course, which proved the support that the university has for its students.”

“It made the course seem to be simple and easy, not just pass it but get a decent grade too (A- B+)”

“These were VERY helpful!! I would come to the peer sessions for other classes for sure. They are the reason I am doing so well as I am in this course."

"Attending PSL was the reason I passed Accounting 100. PSL is great for collaborating with other students, and getting extra help from not only the PSL leader, but other classmates. My PSL leader was very familiar with the course material, which made asking him questions easier. I would strongly recommend PSL to future students who choose to take Accounting 100."

"Attending Peer supported learning sessions frequently this semester has allowed to me to engage with fellow students to achieve a common goal in obtaining a deeper understanding of Chemistry, Physics, Calculus and Biology."

"I was very shy kind of person while talking with someone before, as English in Canada is my second language. After attending these PSL classes and working together on a question as a team makes me feel that I can communicate and understand things better even than what I haven't believe. Now I feel confident while doing anything and talking to anyone."

"PSL enforced a lot of group activities, often with people who didn't know each other, which at the start was difficult. By the end of the semester working within groups became enjoyable and we created methods to help share our learning.  

I found with the PSL sessions I was able to make a lot of connections to everyday topics, which made remembering the information easier and more enjoyable.

Obviously PSL was not to be taught by the leader, but for the students attending to help each other, which isn't easy for someone who isn't comfortable speaking in groups of people they don't know. The sessions respectively forced the oral communication skills onto me, which overall made me more comfortable to partake in activities."