Three students and their PSL Leader in a class room working on problems

Become a PSL Leader

PSL is now hiring for the 2024-2025 School Year!


We are seeking leaders for the following courses:


Course Number

AccountingACCT 101 (Spring 2025)
BiologyBIOL 121/123
ChemistryCHEM 140/141/142
EnglishENGL 115
PsychologyPSYC 111

What you need to know…

PSL Leaders facilitate free, regularly scheduled study/learning sessions for traditionally difficult courses at VIU. Leaders are trained to facilitate engaging, active learning sessions to assist students in learning the content along with developing study and learning skills that can be used throughout their educational journey. As part of a diverse, larger team PSL Leaders also collaborate to create different learning activities for their specific content area. Most leaders work approximately 6-8 hours per week.

Why should you apply to be a PSL Leader?

  • It is a paid position
  • You will be provided training that is transferable to any workplace
  • Looks great on a resume
  • Assists with your own learning skills
  • Work with other peers as a larger team
  • Provides solid foundation in the content of the course
  • Recognized as a Co-Curricular activity (extra transcript identifying your leadership skills)

Personal Suitability


  • Earned a grade of B+ or higher in the selected course (A- for psychology).
  • Have effective communication skills.
  • Are capable of working with students with diverse backgrounds.
  • Are approachable with an interest in leading groups and assisting students during their first and second year of university.
  • Should have a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Are self-directed
  • Are patient and understanding of challenges for first year students

Leader’s Primary Activities

  • Attend mandatory pre-semester training before classes begin; both remote learning and face-to-face learning will be required

  • Work an average of 6-8 hours per week; this may include remote and/or face-to-face
    • Attend the assigned course
    • Plan and conduct two engaging, collaborative study sessions each week
    • Meet as needed with the professor of your course
    • Attend ongoing training sessions/meetings (occur once or twice per month for approx. 2 hours)
    • Communicate with students, fellow leaders and coordinator as required

Application Process

To be considered for this position, applicants must complete the following:

  1. Attend either a PSL Information Session or meet with the PSL Coordinator to learn more about the position.
  2. Complete the online Application Form
  3. Provide recommendation from a professor in the area you wish to support

To do this complete the Faculty Recommendation Form


Email the information below to your professor of choice and ask them to forward it to Please include the information below in your email asking for a reference:

"You have been asked to provide a reference. The student requesting a reference has applied for a position as a Peer Supported Learning Leader (PSL) for the upcoming academic year. Your input is a valuable part of the application process as we strive to select the most qualified, competent PSL Leaders.

Not only do PSL leaders require a good academic record, PSL leaders are also students who:

      • Are approachable
      • Demonstrate responsible student behavior, and
      • Communicate effectively

By forwarding this email you agree that this student meets the minimum qualities to serve effectively as a PSL Leader at Vancouver Island University."

Interviews will only be given to those students who complete all three requirements. 

If you have any questions or require information about the application process, email

Information Sessions

Information Sessions give interested students a chance to learn more about the role of a PSL Leader.