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Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning (OCCEL)

What is the OCCEL?

The Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning engages and supports the student experience by fostering meaningful connections, wellness, leadership development, and personal growth through creating, promoting and recognizing co-curricular activities exercised on campus and within the community.

We are committed to the following goals:

  1. Committed to student success and learning through experience, outside of the classroom

  2. Create opportunities for student engagement on campus and within the community

  3. Leadership Development: creating opportunities for students to strengthen relationships and to build upon relevant skills through professional development

  4. Facilitate new student orientations and volunteer opportunities for students

  5. Facilitate student engagement at VIU in terms of connecting activities to the VIU Graduate Attributes

  6. Organize programming which helps students to become reflective learners

Our Programs

Co-Curricular Record

Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

Your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is your non-academic transcript. The CCR recognizes both paid and volunteer experiences.  Recognize your employable skills today. Submit your CCR reflection in a matter of minutes and get credit for your campus experiences. You can access your CCR through VIU’s Co-Curricular Involvement App.


RockVIU: Welcome to Campus

RockVIU: Welcome to Campus is an opportunity for new students to explore the campus, meet their faculty, and make new connections with their peers. This year's orientation will consist of a full week of immersive and inclusive virtual experiences with a mix of fun and engaging activities.


Co-Curricular Involvement App

The Co-Curricular Involvement App is created for students to utilize and transform their university experience. Students can use the different features to get involved on campus, learn about upcoming events, earn rewards points, find helpful VIU resources, and communicate with their peers and faculty.


Vancouver Island Leadership Conference

The VILC is a student-led, non-profit conference that aims to connect students with a passion for leadership, impact and self-development. The conference aims to provide tools for leaders to build a better community through empowering diverse thinking in an ever-changing world.



Fun@VIU is a student-led, staff-supported leadership group of Vancouver Island University. This leadership group hosts a variety of events, volunteer activities and opportunities for students to get involved in our local community.

Co-Curricular Record

CCR Talks

CCR Talks are like "TED Talks" and provide an opportunity for student leaders to showcase their reflections and involvements on campus and within the community through their developed VIU Graduate Attributes. CCR Talks are also a great way for students and faculty to learn more about available engagement opportunities on campus!


Student Leadership Circle (SLC)

The Student Leadership Circle (SLC) aims to build and host professional development workshops for all VIU student leaders. Each workshop is designed to target at least one relevant skill and/or VIU Graduate Attribute.

The Hub

Student Leadership Hub

The Student Leadership Hub is an inclusive space for all students at VIU. The Hub hosts events, socials and provides students with a collaboration space for their activities related to; co-curricular learning, peer-supported learning and student wellness.


Connect. Engage. Discover.

Faculty and Staff

Omar Karim

Omar Karim

MBA, MScIB, EdD Candidate

Coordinator and Manager, Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning

Telanie Moolman

Telanie Moolman


Student Engagement Specialist, Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning