Counselling Services for Students

A Place to Turn When You Need Help

Professional, Safe and Confidential

Counselling Services offers free confidential and professional support to enrolled VIU students. Counsellors collaborate with students in a compassionate setting to clarify concerns, establish goals and explore resources for wellbeing. We offer a variety of services which can assist in the management of personal challenges allowing students to have the best university experience possible.

Why Seek Help?

There are many reasons why you might want to visit us. Some common issues that students come to us with are depression, social anxiety, self-harm, disordered eating, relationship problems, perfectionism, grief & loss, substance use, confidence, loneliness, procrastination, internet addictions, coping with a traumatic event, adjustment to University life and many other personal difficulties. Our goal is to help you overcome these challenges so you’re able to have the best possible experience at VIU.

How do I Connect with a Counsellor?

To set up your first appointment, drop by the Health & Wellness Centre on the 3rd floor of Building 200 or call 250 740-6416 from 8:30-3:45 pm. Please check-in with the front office when you arrive.

If you have an urgent concern and need to talk to someone today, we have urgent sessions available. Come to the Counselling Centre and indicate if you need an urgent session, and we will do our best to book you in to meet with the next available counsellor.

Is Counselling Confidential?

Yes. We take your right to privacy seriously. All information is for the purpose of providing counselling services. No information will be released to VIU administrators, instructors, outside agencies or anyone else unless authorized by you or required by law. See link for more information on confidentiality.

Services We Offer

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