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Student life is a period of unique change filled with many challenges. As a member of the VIU community you have the opportunity to support students who may be struggling with issues that affect their academic performance and well-being. Counselling Services supports faculty and staff in a number of ways:

  • Orientation to counselling services
    • A counsellor will come to your class to provide a brief orientation to your students
  • Consultation
    • discuss a concern about a particular student
    • A student may be on your mind and you want to debrief or get another perspective
    • Contact us at 250 740 6416.

Student Behaviours that disrupt the learning environment - Conduct Issues

yelling, inappropriate language, sending numerous emails or phone calls - some inappropriate content, refusing to follow directions, threats, etc

  • Contact:
    • Director Student Affairs 250 740-6406 / 6416
    • Office of Student Conduct Support 250 740-6594
    • Director, International Student Services 250 740-6384
    • Security 250 740-660

Workshops for Faculty

Capacity to Connect: Supporting Students in Distress + Supporting Life: Suicide Awareness Workshop - New 2 hr Combo!

Feel free to request a workshop for your department or area 250 740-6416.  Or chat with a team member for more information.  In this workshop we have combined our previous workshops addressing working with stressed students and suicidal students.  Most faculty gave us the feedback that they wanted this single, more indepth workshop.

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