Requests for Letters

Requests for Letters in Support of Students 

  • The Health and Wellness Centre (Counselling and Medical Clinic) occasionally receives requests from students for letters to facilitate a late withdrawal application, medical notes for missed classes, or to support requests regarding academic accommodations such as extensions on due dates. We take these requests seriously and use our professional judgment to discern whether a student is experiencing challenges with mental/physical health and well-being that interferes with their academic success.

  • We can best make judgments about requests for letters when we have an ongoing clinical relationship with the student. Should a student request a letter during an initial visit to the Health and Wellness Centre, it is possible that this request may be declined on the basis of a lack of clinical information.

  • When possible, we encourage students to advocate on their own behalf and communicate with instructors directly. In many cases, instructors can make valid evaluations of a students’ circumstances and the resulting impact on academics without having to refer to the Health and Wellness Centre, e.g. absences due to flu/illness, major loss/grief, difficulty with basic needs such as housing, or other life stressors that arise for students.

  • The Registrar’s website hosts information about the late withdrawal application process. The Accessibility Services site has information about the accommodation process.

  • We appreciate your understanding and support. Should you have any questions about the Health and Wellness Centre and the services provided, please feel free to contact Counselling Services, or the Director of Student Services.