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Addictions, Alcohol, Drug and Behavioural Addictions

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  • New Ideas - Information library on ADD and AD with HD
  • ADD - From people with AD/HD, support, hope, resources, articles, fact sheets, newsletter, conferences, mindfulness workshops; resources, networking, support groups and workshops, starter kit has article on procrastination, section for students on skills needed to help complete studies
  • CHADD - Children and adults with AD/HD. Community network and support, links, and info
  • Centre for ADHA Awareness - non-profit, provides advocacy across Canada. Info about support groups, coaching and medication
  • Edge Foundation - provides coaching and information for students
  • ADD-vance - Q and A about ADD, non-profit to support families
  • Totally ADD - fun, interactive website, info on managing symptoms, forums
  • ADDitude Mag - has support group for university students, articles, videos, message boards
  • ADDer World - Bryan Hutchinsons blog; has pages of support for student and young adults
  • Schwab Learning Centre - Stanford U, Support for Learning difficulties, section for ADHD. Has parents guide for learning
  • Learning Disabilities Online - leading website on Learning Disabilities. Section on college prep

Advocacy / Self-Advocacy


Anxiety / Stress

see also Mindfulness Meditations and Health
  • Anxiety Canada - mobile apps, articles for all age groups, links, and much more
  • Breathr - Kelty MH - free apps with refreshing meditations, video introducing mindfulness, guided meditations on many topics, including body scans, mindful eating, coping, etc.
  • Islandhealth /anxiety-disorders-clinic - Groups for anxiety disorders
  • Healthy Minds app - free apps on problem solving to help cope with stress
  • Guided Imagery and Relaxation: Mind Body Lab UTexas - Guided Imagery and Relaxation
  • Shy no Longer - Training modules / course for social anxiety; centre for clinical interventions
  • Social Anxiety - Info sheets, and "Shy no longer" workbook - Centre for Clinical Interventions
  • Panic - 12 module workbook, info and additional worksheets - Centre for Clinical Interventions
  • Press Pause - videos and tips to remind us to press pause on negativity and rest in what is positive
  • Anxiety - Info sheets on the nature of anxiety, vicious cycles and more - Centre for Clinical Interventions
  • Health Anxiety - 9 module workbook - Centre for Clinical Interventions
  • - Int. OCD Fdtn.  Community, livestreams, newsletters, conferences Apps, support for loved ones impacted, training for professionals, recommended reading.
  • Automatic Thoughts - video on automatic thoughts that negatively impact our thinking and how to deal with them
  • What? Me? Worry? - Workbook, info and additional worksheets on Generalised Anxiety - Centre for Clinical Interventions
  • Living Life to the Full - Includes an online course in Cognitive and Behavioural strategies for anxiety, mood difficulties, motivation, many practical suggestions
  • Facing your feelings - 4 modules for coping with Distress better using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Centre for Clinical Interventions
  • Therapy Tribe Support - online community of support for a variety of issues including anxiety
  • The Healthy Mind Platter/ Dr. Daniel Siegel - 7 essential daily tasks for healthy neural functioning
  • The Wheel of Awareness - Dr. Daniel Siegel, Guided Meditation to enhance neural functioning
  •  Emotional Pain is Not a Sickness A VIU Wellness resource
  •  Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • How to make stress your ally - Kelly McGonigal - Ted Talk on how stress is useful
  • Cams Kids Calm App - Free and for pay apps, guided or unguided; also info on all aspects of health care


see Inspirational


Assistive Technology


  • Autism Canada - the spectrum, information, resources
  • - Autism Community Training.  BC resource with links to other resources, training, community events, news; has a manual for dealing with systems in BC like process of diagnosis, the education system, building community support
  • - pay for assessments and self assessments; articles, blogs, by neurodiverse people to give good information to the public

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

  • Keeping your Balance - Workbook and info sheets on Bipolar Disorder, Centre for Clinical Interventions


Career Exploration, Life and Education planning

  • VIU Student Employment - For students, employers, and faculty. The Centre for Experiential Learning provides services on all levels of job readiness preparation and finding jobs
  • Career and Education Planning VIU's educational advising page with a lot of useful links for various career planning and preparation
  • VIU Career Studio A physical space and virtual hub where students can find career development education, support and resources.
  • Education Planner - Shows what programs are here in BC and how to explore them
  • Industry Training Authority (BC) - All information about training and apprenticeships, Trades programs A-Z, create your own personal account, resources to answer questions about anything like challenging a trade
  • Career Exploration guide for Indigenous People - Work BC, steps to choosing a career, videos of inspiring stories
  • Work BC - Careers in BC, steps in choosing a career, labour market outlook, information for minority groups, centres throughout BC
  • Blueprint Builder - Create your own account with work BC so you can bring together career exploration, education and funding, and job search resources
  • Career Cruising - Lists types of vocations and places in North America (primarily BC) that provide these trainings. Username and Password: Malaspina
  • What can i do with my Major - UBC, excellent list of various degrees and possible professions;  My Major Map - Queens University
  • Job Hunters Bible - companion site to great book, "What colour is your parachute?" Holistic approach to self exploration and choosing a career that fits. Articles and videos relevant to finding meaningful work. Has an e course as well
  • The Globe and Mail Career Advice - many articles on questions related to work, transitions, and business
  • - based on Myers Briggs, 4 polarities on how we are in the world. Extensive information about careers and personality tendencies. Appears to be free
  • Personality & Career tests from - part of the results are free, enneagram, disc profile, 16 personalities, Holland Codes (search for Holland codes).
  • - quizzes on interests, abilities, work preferences, multiple intelligences,  work values & learning styles
  • VIA character strengths  - free 15 minute survey. Focuses on positive and with much useful information



Couples / Relationships

  •  Relationships Can Work - VIU resource sheet with relationship tips
  • Assertiveness - training modules on increasing assertiveness
  • The Gottman Institute - Pioneers in Relationship work offer a relationship Blog, books and videos
  • Join One Love - organization dedicated to promoting health and helping us learn about love. Offers signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Dr Sue Johnson: Creating Connections - Pioneer in Relationship work and Bonding Science: Ted Talk, videos, books, and blogs
  • Esther Perel - informative and helpful blogs, workshops and other resources for couples / relationships
  • Optimal Sexual Experiences - Dedicated to creating positive sexual experiences. Research, blogs, books
  • Infidelity - Esther Perel, ted talk on unfolding what happens in affairs and possibilities these hold
  • Couple_Rescue_Skill-Builder - Bruce Ecker and Robin Ticic, building 12 essential skills for couples
  • Love is respect - Resources and information about relationships, spectrum of health and abuse, sex, communicating, boundaries, dating and hooking up, teen and LGBBTQ relationships as well
  • Satir ingredients of an interaction - Prezi by Ceci Wong, focuses on interactive and internal processing that occurs while interpreting messages
  • Dr. John Gottman - researcher of relationships, 47 minute video on what makes relationships work
  • Health Line - extensive list of potential signs of mental and emotional abuse

Cowichan Valley / Duncan

Crisis Management

  • Dial 911 (Ambulance, Fire, Police) and call VIU Campus Security - Local 6600
  • Capacitar - Internationally developed kit of best practices for natural disaster, chronic stress, and violence
  • VI Crisis - helpline, texts and chat; index of all community resources on Vancouver island
  • first Nations and Inuit helpline and chat 24-7, 1.855.242.3310, culturally competent counsellors, services in English, French, Ojibway, Cree, and Inuktitut
  • Youth in BC - for youth 25 > 24 hr suicide 1.800.784.2433; chat, noon - 1 am PST; other mental health #'s
  • Crisis Centre Chat - adults 25 +, 24 hr suicide 1.800.784.2433, other mental health #'s; chat noon - 1am Pacific
    • Crisis Service Canada - Suicide prevention and support 1.833.456.4566 (24/7)
    • text (4546) and chat (2- 10pm Pacific)
  • Brooks Landing Walk-in Counselling Clinic (Mental Health and Addictions) M-F, 10am - 6:15pm
  • Haven Society for women who have been sexually assaulted or in situations of domestic violence
    • 24 crisis line 1.888.756.0616
    • see website for a variety of services Haven Society


Disordered Eating: Resources and Support

Diversity (see also Racial Reconciliation)

Domestic Violence

See also Sexual Violence Prevention and Sexual Violence Recovery and Resources
  • Ending Violence Association - Provincial association to developing programs in communities in addressing violence. Many resources and information
  • Let's get consensual - Great video from UVIC on what consent is, and what it is not with some statements on sexual violence


Education - resources promoting mindfulness in education



See Parenting or Couples / Relationships

Financial Aid

Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgendered, 2 Spirit, Questioning and Non-conforming people

Grief and Loss

  • Bereavement Helpline - connects you with resources for grieving in British Columbia
  • Grief - useful information, lists of books, description of 5 stages of grief, how and how not to support someone
  • Megan Divine, Patreon group video - how to support someone grieving
  • BC Victims of Homicide - Offers groups, materials, videos, recommended reading, training and links
  • Cowichan Hospice - support, info, companionship, library, video's, non-denominational spiritual care, palliative care
  • Nanaimo Hospice - support, info, library, specific to teens, children, adults and elders, outreach, palliative care, some free counselling
  • Oceanside Hospice - in Qualicum, serves surrounding area including Parksville
  • Port Alberni Hospice - palliative support, library, spiritual care, counselling, support groups
  • Mourner Bill of Rights - statement on things someone in grief may need to do to take care of their self
  • Rainbows - Grief support groups for children and youth impacted by loss, divorce, separation, etc offered in local schools and social support agencies
  • Stephen Colber and Anderson Cooper - 2 men having an intimate and moving conversation on how loss impacted and changed them
  • After Talk - Psychologist Dr. Neimeyer, questions and answers, articles

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  • Woop My Life - Simple, practical and effective strategy to fulfill wishes and change habits. Known as mental contrasting with implementation intentions
  • Berkeley U Health - Info on caring for all aspects of your health
  • The Healthy Mind Platter/ Dr. Daniel Siegel - 7 essential daily tasks for healthy neural functioning
  • Public Health Agency of Canada - Information and articles on health topics and diseases for all ages &special interest groups
  • At Health - Comprehensive site providing information, links, and resources on all issues pertaining to mental health
  • 23 and 1/2 Hours - Short video on how exercise improves most health issues including quality of life
  • Dean Ornish on Healing through diet - Talk on healing through diet


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Indigenous Information and Resources


Inspirational and Affirmation

Inter-Cultural Transition



Legal Resources

  • My Law BC - General information on family law, domestic violence, and some financial with links to free legal aid and publications.
  • Law, Crime and Justice - Govt of BC Resources

Lifelong Learning

Living Simply

  • The Minimalists - Live more meaningfully as opposed to living to acquire more; podcasts on many topics including finance
  • The story of stuff - website dedicated to changing the rules that state having more in the economy for its own sake is not serving us well. Links economic and social issues with environmental problems. Various videos suggesting positive solutions


  • Feeling Lonely Try This - from the association for comprehensive energy psychology some neuro-biologicial strateies to help with our need to be touched such as havening, etc
  • Lean into Loneliness - a poetic reflection on COVID lockdown
  • Cure for Loneliness - Interview in Greater Good Science, US surgeon general Vivek Murphy discusses practical ways to deal with loneliness
  • John Cacioppo - 15 minute video from Big Think, with impacts of loneliness and strategies for overcoming it
  • Loneliness - video about this epidemic, causes, biological purpose of social pain, the problem of modern society and the impacts of loneliness on the body and mind
  • Surviving Loneliness - blog on loneliness by Hilary Jacobs Hendel
  • Article on Loneliness - National Post; reflects on how it generates protectiveness and negatively impacts health & touches on use of experimental drugs

Media Literacy and Advocacy

  • About-Face - Media education to promote positive self-esteem in girls and women
  • Media Lit - Dedicated to developing curriculum for media education for a variety of groups in a various disciplines
  • Do Something - Chatrooms and info on topics to promote activism
  • Media Watch - Challenging racism, sexism and violence through education and activism

Men's Resources and Self Help (see also sexual abuse recovery for men)

Mental Health

Mindfulness Meditations, Resources and Apps

Mindfulness Centres




Personality Tests

  • 16 Personalities - Free online test with information on your personality type, based on Carl Jung's typology popularized through Myer's Briggs
  • Holland Code Career Test - free online test based on Holland's career codes. Places you in 1 of 6 career fields. Useful for questions on career interest
  • VIA character strengths  - free 15 minute survey. Focuses on positive and with much useful information
  • Learning Styles Questionnaire - Free, online auditory, visual, kinesthetic learning styles inventory

Positive Psychology



Racial Reconciliation


See Couples




  • Self-Esteem - 9 module workbook, info and additional worksheets - Centre for Clinical Interventions
  • Self-Compassion - 7 module workbook - Centre for Clinical Interventions

Self Care / Resilience

Sexual Health and Sexuality

Sexual Violence and Violence Prevention

Sexual Abuse Recovery

Sexual Abuse Recovery and Resources for Male-Identified Folks

  • Sexual Violence Support at VIU - Know More Campaign, Policy and Procedure, multiple resources, trauma informed approach; if you have been sexually assaulted there are many ways we can support you while you remain in control of the process. Counselling is available as well
  • Male Survivors - Article on impact by male perpetrators on heterosexual and gay sexual identity – links to other articles
  • BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse - Individual and group therapy and victim services for survivors of sexual abuse
  • Victim Link BC - 24/7 confidential, multilingual telephone service to help you find the best resources for emotional or practical support
  • North Island Survivors Healing Society - non-profit agency providing counselling for sexual abuse survivors - subsidies available
  • - myths and facts about abuse of males, online support group, info on groups, trainings and events

Sexual Abuse Recovery and Resources for Female-Identified Folks

  • Sexual Violence Support at VIU - Know More Campaign, Policy and Procedure, multiple resources, trauma informed approach; if you have been sexually assaulted there are many ways we can support you while you remain in control of the process. Counselling is available as well
  • Cowichan Women against Violence - Counselling and groups for all forms of past or current violence, womens' transition homes, victim services and much more
  • Haven Society: Nanaimo area resource for women - Counselling, transition homes, victim services, children's counselling
  • Victim Link BC - 24/7 confidential, multilingual telephone service to help you find the best resources for emotional or practical support
  • Let's get consensual - Video from UVIC on what consent is, and what it is not with some statements on sexual violence
  • Consent for Tea - video on obtaining consent to have tea with someone
  • Why women need fierce self compassion - article by Dr. Kristin Neff on application of Yin and Yang forms of self compassion


  • Brene Brown - Ted talk on shame - differences in men and women - importance of empathy to healing

Sleep and Nightmares


See Anxiety / Stress

Study Strategies

Sleep (see also insomnia)

Study Abroad

Suicide Information and Help


See Anxiety and Stress for more relaxation exercises and visualizations, also see Mindfulness Meditations and Sexual Abuse Recovery for more useful information and counselling agencies that support trauma

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  • Volunteer Nanaimo - Nanaimo Volunteer Society; refers volunteers to and provides a variety of services to non-profit agencies in the Nanaimo area

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  • Foundry BC - virtual counselling services for youth 12-24: voice, video or chat
  • Youth Space - online support for Canadian Youth
  • Therapy Tribe Support - online community of support for a variety of groups including teens

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  • Aged Out - Website from People who were in Care or who supported youth to support youth as they age out of care
  • VIU Tuition Fee Waiver - for former Youth in Care

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