Workshops for Faculty

Workshops for Faculty

Capacity to Connect: Supporting Students in Distress + Supporting Life: Suicide Awareness Workshop - New 2 hr Combo!

Student life is a period of unique change filled with many challenges.  As a member of the VIU community you have the opportunity to support students who may be struggling with issues that affect their academic performance and well-being.  

Have you ever noticed signs of distress in students and wondered what to do?  Have you ever been in a situation where you have had to deal with a student who was extremely distressed?  Have you ever received an alarming email or had students express thoughts of self harm?  In this workshop you will learn to recognized signs of distress, respond effectively and refer students to appropriate resources.

This is an opportunity to gain confidence in dealing with difficult situations before they arise. 

The Counselling department welcomes invitations to come to your department to facilitate this powerful workshop.  Two Hours.

Contact the Counselling office @ 250-740-6416 to chat with a team member on how to bring this to you.

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