Difficult Emotions

Negative emotions

  • such as shame, anger, fear, loneliness, guilt or unworthiness
  • can be difficult to bear and confusing to deal with.

Most of don’t have a lot of experience using strength and kindness to meet these difficult places.

  • This takes practice.

These mindfulness practices can help


  • What is this emotion?  Name it.

Finding the difficult emotion in the body

  • Locate it and feel it.
  • Describe the sensations in your body to yourself

Soften – Soothe – Allow

  • Add warmth and kindness and let it be.
  • You do not need to change the feeling, just bring compassion to it or acceptance
  • Difficult emotions are part of life.
  • Mindfulness practices can help us navigate our way through them.

cards by compassioninspiredhealth.com