Past Valedictorians

A valedictorian gives a farewell and congratulatory speech addressed to the students, their guests, and the institution. There is one valedictorian or pair of co-valedictorians selected from the class of graduating students either for each ceremony or one from each faculty; these valedictorians are given five minutes to address their peers. The valedictorians are selected by the students in the graduating class via an online election process.

Information about the valedictorian selection process.


June 2023

Teagan Howden – Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Bachelor of Arts

Sherry Wessel – Faculty of Education, Bachelor of Education

Ashley Sandhu – Faculty of Health Sciences and Human Services, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Prabhdeep Singh Sambi – Faculty of Management, Master of Business Administration

June 2022

Siddhanth Arikari and Lauryn Mackenzie – Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Kayla Passmore and Victoria Ross – Faculty of Education

Timilehin Olayiwola – Faculty of Health Sciences and Human Services

Demitria Rounis – Faculty of Management

Nicole DiCastri and Emmerson Pollard – Faculty of Social Sciences

Baneesha Gill and Gordon Skocic – Faculty of Science and Technology

Hanna Price – Faculty of Trades and Applied Technology

June 2021

Rowan Lee Harris - Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Bachelor of Arts

Jesse Kennedy and Lee Vanden Ham - Faculty of Education, Bachelor of Education

Dalyn Labrecque and Oliver Bailey - Health Sciences and Human Services, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Jessica Saari - Faculty of Management, Master of Business Administration

Samuelle Simard-Provençal - Faculty of Science and Technology, Bachelor of Science

Jaden Welsh - Faculty of Social Sciences, Bachelor of Arts

Ottis Crabbe - Faculty of Trades and Applied Technology, Certificate in Culinary Arts

September 2020

Megan Rutledge - Bachelor of Arts

Seth Recalma - Bachelor of Business Administration

Sarah Warsh - Bachelor of Business Administration

Sarah Cook - Diploma in Dental Hygiene

Keilan Guild - Diploma in Dental Hygiene

Candace Clark - Bachelor of Education

Taylor Reimer - Bachelor of Science

Kelsea Shadlock - Master of Community Planning

January 2020

Alvin Meledath - Master of Business Administration

Mahima Gupta - Bachelor of Business Administration

Manraj Manhas - Bachelor of Arts

June 2019

Victoria Treacy - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Sydney Power - Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Evan Madge - Bachelor of Science

Joel Hampson and Victoria Bowns - Bachelor of Arts

Matthew Graham and Emily Grey - Bachelor of Business Administration

Terri Willott - Certificate in Education Assistant and Community Support

February 2019

Deepa Pillay and Vanessa Stratton - Master of Business Administration

Kaily Baldwin - Bachelor of Education

June 2018

Nneka Otogbolu - Master of Business Administration

Autumn McIvor - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Reef Hujaij - Bachelor of Arts

Edward Nathanson - Bachelor of Tourism Management

Samantha Stremecki - Bachelor of Education

February 2018

Pamela Hart - Master of Business Administration

Elissa Doerksen - Bachelor of Arts

June 2017

Megan Bryn-Jones - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Rebecca Gourlay - Bachelor of Education

Imtiaz Taj - Bachelor of Arts

Christine Holt - Bachelor of Science

Blake Landry and Johannes Beckers - BBA and MBA, respectively

January 2017

Ojeifo Izirein - Master of Business Administration

Kairis Gingerysty - Bachelor of Education

June 2016

Mai Marcelino - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Courtney Winkel - Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care

Ben McTaggart - Bachelor of Arts

Omar Karim and Sarah Dion - MBA and BBA, respectively

Leah Isherwood - Bachelor of Science

January 2016

Dean Heald - Master of Education in Special Education

Pooja Khanna and Lina Shen - Master of Business Administration

June 2015

Sarah Cubbage - Diploma in Social Sciences

Jessica Lefort - Bachelor of Business Administration

Tegan Ferguson and Caitlyn Sabyan - Bachelor of Education

George Anderson - Bachelor of Arts

January 2015

Hytham Abdulhameed - Bachelor of Business Administration

Abdulrahman Alenazi - Bachelor of Science

June 2014

Kelly Krueger - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Jason Nenzel - Bachelor of Arts

Dayna Johnson - Bachelor of Education

Clayton Cameron - Bachelor of Business Administration

Ariel U'Chong Muirhead - Bachelor of Science

January 2014

Gillian Coy - Master of Education in Special Education

Ranjan Saha - Master of Business Administration

June 2013

Kegan Pepper-Smith - Bachelor of Arts

Anne Harsch - Bachelor of Business Administration

Lauren Henderson - Bachelor of Education

Cory Ferris - School and Community Support Worker

January 2013

Dylan Kaye Sharpe - Bachelor of Education

Christopher Bergen - Bachelor of Business Administration

June 2012

Kristina Hornett - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Katelyn McDougall - Bachelor of Arts

Hamza Slaoui - Bachelor of Hospitality Management

February 2012

Evelyne Estelle St-Arnaud - Bachelor of Education

June 2011

Sarah Joy Wilson - Bachelor of Education

L-A Shibish - Bachelor of Tourism Management

Ian Caplette - Bachelor of Arts

January 2011

Jonathan Lee - Bachelor of Education

Selinde Krayenhoff - Bachelor of Arts

June 2010

Rajvir Grewal - Master of Business Administration

Naomi Macrae - Bachelor of Science

Courtney Decker - Bachelor of Arts

January 2010

Gillian Coy - Bachelor of Education

Colby Althouse - Bachelor of Business Administration

June 2009

Amber Hieb - Bachelor of Business Administration

Scott Bastian - Bachelor of Tourism Management

Elizabeth Plant - Bachelor of Arts

December 2008

Bridgette Alexandra - Bachelor of Education