Ceremony Information for Students

Convocation 2022

Thank you for your interest in attending your convocation ceremony! Please take a minute to read the following information and know the steps you have to take to get you on stage:

1. Sign up

The extended sign-up deadline of March 11, 2022 has now passed. The next set of convocation ceremonies will be June 21-23, 2023.

2. Add the Convocation email to your contact list, and check your contact information

Most of the communication about the ceremony comes via email from Convocation@viu.ca. These emails contain important information for you.  Please add Convocation@viu.ca to your email contact list to make sure that these messages end up in your inbox and not your junk mail folder.

Note: all emails will be sent to the email address you have in your student record.  Please log in to your student record and make sure it is correct. While you're at it, make sure your mailing address there is correct (click on Personal Information > Contact Information in the left-hand menu to make updates).

Once the deadline to sign up for the ceremony has passed

You'll receive an email containing a few things to take care of before the ceremony.

1. Order tickets for your guests, if you haven't already - deadline April 1

Invite your friends and family to celebrate your achievements with you!  If you already ordered guest tickets when you applied to graduate, you do not need to do anything further. You should have a confirmation email with your ticket information in it, and you can also see your ticket order if you go to "Apply to Graduate" in your student record.

If you need to enter or change a ticket order after you submitted your graduation application, go to "Apply to Graduate" in your student record and enter the change or new ticket order there.  If you see a message saying "It is too late to make changes to this application," then email us at Convocation@viu.ca.  In your email, tell us all of the following information:

  1. How many tickets you need for your guests (you do not need a ticket for yourself).  Up to 3 tickets are available to you if you request them.  You can also request up to 3 extra tickets, and you will go on a waiting list for these extra tickets.
  2. How you want to receive your tickets when they are ready (delayed to early May). Your options are:
  • Mailed via Canada Post to your student record home address--note that it could take 1-2 weeks for mailed tickets to reach you, so be sure the address is where you will be
  • Or held for pickup in building 200, Nanaimo campus, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm,  Monday to Friday.

We regret that we can't email tickets - they are paper tickets only.

If any of this information is missing, we cannot enter your order. You will receive a confirmation email from us once we have entered your ticket order.

Deadline to order tickets for all June 2022 convocations is April 1, 2022. 

2. Rent regalia for yourself -- deadline April 12

Students attending the convocation ceremonies must wear the proper VIU regalia for their program, unless they are wearing their Indigenous/Métis/Inuit regalia. VIU regalia consists of a black gown and a black cap with tassel; some programs also wear a hood or a stole. For all June 2022 convocations, be sure to order your VIU regalia between March 12 - April 12, 2022 to avoid a $50 late fee. April 12, 2022 is the last date you can cancel an order and receive a refund from the regalia supplier, Gaspard. The last day you can order (which will incur the $50 late fee) is April 29, 2022.

Note: No deposit is charged for the regalia which means none of the rental fee will be returned. Late orders, placed between April 13 - 29, will be charged an additional $50 late fee. The graduation/alumni fee does not cover the cost of renting regalia.

If you plan to wear your Indigenous/Métis/Inuit regalia instead of VIU regalia, please email us at Convocation@viu.ca just to let us know.  That way, we won't worry if we don't see your name in the list of VIU regalia orders that we get from Gaspard.

Regalia pickup: Your VIU regalia will be available for pickup at the Nanaimo Campus Store, during business hours, starting on Thursday, June 16.

Regalia return: Be sure to return your regalia to the Nanaimo Campus Store no later than Tuesday, June 28.

3. Consider running for valedictorian - Deadline extended to March 31

The valedictorian is a graduating student chosen by their peers to give a 5-minute farewell and congratulatory speech addressed to the students, their guests, and the institution. One valedictorian or one pair of co-valedictorians will be selected per faculty. Valedictorians are selected by the students in their Faculty’s graduating class, based on video auditions or written statements that will be posted online for viewing.  The deadline to put your name forward for consideration for valedictorian for all June 2022 convocations is March 31, 2022, at 3 pm. Details on the valedictorian selection process

4. Sign up for a graduation photo session (optional) -- sessions are March 7-25

VIU graduates can sign up with Lifetouch Photography for an optional graduation photo session on the Nanaimo campus before the convocation ceremonies. Photo sessions for all June 2022 graduates will be held in Building 255 Room 170A/B, from March 7-25 only.  You will need to bring $25 (cash or cheque only) to your appointment. Lifetouch will supply the appropriate VIU regalia for your credential, for your photo.  Appointments must be booked in advance through Appointment Plus.

5. Make sure you will be meeting your graduation requirements

We strongly recommend that you check with your program chair/coordinator or degree advisor before April 1, 2022 to be sure you will be eligible to attend convocation in June 2022. If you have courses at another institution that are to be used toward your degree, official transcripts from there must be received by the Registration Centre before your VIU graduation application can be processed. Visit VIU Graduation for more information.

Please note that in order to be eligible to attend the convocation ceremony, your advisor must certify that you meet one of the following conditions:

  1. You have completed all requirements of your program and have had your credential officially conferred
  2. Or you are realistically expected to complete the requirements of your program no later than 30 days after the date of the ceremony, and you have the recommendation of your Degree Advisor or Program Chair/Coordinator confirming that you are eligible for "participant" status. Students participating in the ceremony as a "participant" will receive their official parchment once they have completed all graduation requirements and their credential is officially conferred.

Notice of Live Webcast / Event Photography

Please note that all VIU convocation ceremonies are webcast live internationally. VIU staff photographers also take photos throughout the ceremony for use in various forms of media, including print or multimedia materials.

Please contact us at Convocation@viu.ca if you have any questions.