The Mace

During the Middle Ages, the metal-clad wooden mace was an effective weapon in battle. As newer and more powerful arms were developed, its military significance diminished, and it was transformed into a symbol of authority. Today, the ceremonial mace is used in many government assembly locations, such as the British and Canadian Houses of Parliament, and is carried before ecclesiastical dignitaries and in university ceremonies such as this.

The mace used for VIU’s convocation was designed and created by retired art instructor John A. Charnetski in 1994. The metre-long mace is made of stainless steel and gold-plated cast bronze. It features four guardian eagles and enameled medallions bearing VIU’s coat of arms and arbutus emblems. At the convocation ceremonies, the mace is carried by a retiring member the VIU community to honour his or her contribution to the University.

Past Macebearers

The following Vancouver Island University employees have carried the mace in past ceremonies:

June 2023 – John Morgan, Sylvia Scow (Les Malbon), Marni Stanley, Carol Stuart

June 2022 – Tim Goater, Les Malbon, Steven Purse

June 2021 ­– Tina McComb

Sept 2020 – Sheila Cooper

Jan 2020 – Steve Lane, Donald Noakes, Janet Sinclair

June 2019 – Kate Challenger, Janeane MacGillivray, Carol Desilets, John Lepage, David Witty, Debbie Shore

Feb 2019 – Tracy Gillis, Graham Pike

June 2018 – Patrick Carpenter, Andrea Smilski, Janina Hornosty, Dave Twynam, Harry Janzen, Gordon Buzzard

Feb 2018 – Neil Macmillan, Bernie Krynowsky

June 2017 – Brenda Sully; Patrick Konkin; Katharina Rout; John Black; Dana Collette; Stephanie Richards

Jan 2017 – Jim Ketelsen; Richard Dunstan

Nov 2016 – Ruth Kroek

June 2016 – Philomena Williams; Virginia MacCarthy; Don Cohen; Brock Dykeman; Jane Watson; Tricia Abbott; Gary Doolin

Jan 2016 – Bryan Stovell; Patricia Eagar

June 2015 – Linda Byrnes; Dr. Ken Hammer; Don Tillapaugh; Dr. Frances Sprout; Stu Seifert

Jan 2015 – Keith Harrison; Wayne Hiles

June 2014 – Janet Allan; John Anderson; Liz Haamond-Kaarremma; Darrel Mansbridge; Rick Rollins

Jan 2014 – Steve Jones; Jane Kelly

June 2013 – Allan Warnke; Diny van Beers; Jean Tonski; Linda McDonell; Fred MacDonald

Jan 2013 – Vanessa Oltmann; Mike Armstrong

June 2012 – Stephanie Buckingham; Rhonda Bailey; Maria Gomes

Feb 2012 – Gary Tunnell; David Drakeford

June 2011 – Carolyn Bowles; Robert Pfister; Glenda Sharpe

Jan 2011 – Pam Montgomery; Malerie Meeker; Barbara McLeod

June 2010 – Mike Mann; Bill McMillan; John Neville

Jan 2010 ­– Marshall Soules; Nancy Randall

June 2009 – Helen Brown; Neil Smith; Rick Monaghan

Dec 2008 – Patrick Ross

June 2008 – Roger Prior; Erika Blakeman; Ron Bonham

Dec 2007 – Wendy Kellet

June 2007 – Allan Hawryzki; Jamie Brennan; Kathryn Barnwell

2006 – Ron Apland; Bill Pennell; Marianne van Toor; Robin Field

2005 – Joanne Whiting; Rob Jeacock; Anne Erickson

2004 – Bill Juby; Norman Duncan; Andra Thakur

2003 – Ray Peter; David Smith; Sue Benoit

2002 – Mike Matthews; Greg Link; Chuck and Geri Reamer

2001 – John Dennison; Sheila Colbert-Kerns

2000 – Gwyneth Evans; Jim Slater; Les Dickason; Ross Fraser

1999 – Carol Matthews

1998 – Gary Bauslaugh

1997 – Ed Hong

1996 – Catherine Whiteley; Gordon Squire

1995 – Stan Fukawa

1994 – John Charnetski