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Housing Education and Resources

You may be new to renting in Nanaimo, having issues with your rental or planning to end your tenancy. Below are short videos and links to useful resources. We strongly recommend taking either the Rent Smart or Renting It Right course. These can be useful if you don't have references from past landlords, for example.

Before you start looking for private accommodation in Nanaimo, you’ll need to know some basics. How much does accommodation cost? Where can I find somewhere to rent? Should I find a roommate? This session will answer these questions and more. You will also learn about ‘Renting it Right’, a free course that will really boost your knowledge and help you to stand out in Nanaimo’s busy rental market.

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Are you starting to look for somewhere to rent in Nanaimo? This session focuses on searching for accommodation. We’ll look at maximizing your options and boosting your profile in a challenging market. You'll learn about some practical aspects of starting a tenancy in BC, such as viewings, contracts and costs.

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Have you found somewhere to live but are having problems? Common issues with private rentals include deposits, security and privacy from a landlord. You may also be thinking about moving out before your contract ends. Your landlord might even be asking you to leave.

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Is your tenancy agreement coming to an end at the end of the semester? In this final session, we will look at giving notice and preparing to vacate your rental, getting your deposit returned and what to do if things go wrong.

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