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Tenancy Issues and Support

Common issues with tenancies include:

  • property maintenance
  • loss of quiet enjoyment
  • pest infestations (e.g. cockroaches, bedbugs, mice)
  • rent and deposit disputes
  • roommate conflicts

VIU Off-Campus Housing

We offer information and confidential support for private rental accommodation and roommate issues. Please contact Off-Campus Housing or book a meeting.

In some cases, you may need to contact the BC Residential Tenancy Branch or seek legal advice. We can suggest services that may be able to assist you. VIU OCH are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice or representation.

Tenant Resources and Advisory Centre

TRAC offers free information and access to legal support through their Tenant Infoline: 1.800.665.1185.

Ask an Advocate

Ask an Advocate offers resources for tenancy and housing, income assistance and disability assistance.