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Renting it Right Course Participant - Off-Campus Housing


The course participant took a self-paced, online course that covered the rights and responsibilities of a tenant renting private accommodation in British Columbia. The course content is based on the BC Residential Tenancy Act. The participant evidenced their understanding with local accommodation needs and preferences research and a budgeting task. Additionally, they drafted a letter of introduction for local landlords.

Position Overview

The participant will be able to consider their personal accommodation needs and be prepared to responsibly and effectively search for properties. They will subsequently calculate rental expenses and budget accordingly. The participant will be able to contact landlords appropriately and submit effective rental applications. They will learn about the different types of tenancy and roommate agreements, security deposits, inspection reports and insurance. The participant will consider their ongoing tenants rights, such as quiet enjoyment, having guests and the landlord’s right to enter their rental. They will learn about legal issues regarding rent and repairs, final inspections and ending a tenancy. They will also be able to access information and support in case of a dispute. To complete the course, the participant will take a certificated Renting it Right test and produce accommodation needs and preferences research, a budgeting task and a letter of introduction for local landlords.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in information literacies, active learning and safe and ethical practices.

Sign Up Directions

This is a free, open access course. Participant numbers are unlimited throughout the year. The online course (including two online, multi-choice tests), accommodation needs and preferences research, budgeting task and drafting of landlord introduction letter will take up to 15 hours.

For more information, please email Michael Witcomb, Off-Campus Housing Coordinator at Michael.Witcomb@viu.ca