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Looking to hire a VIU student from one of our many different programs? Here, you’ll find all the necessary steps and resources to effectively reach out to our talented student body with your employment opportunities. Whether you’re looking to fill part-time positions, offer internships, or recruit for permanent roles, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


Before reaching out to potential candidates, it's crucial for employers to clearly define what they are looking for. This step ensures that the recruitment process is targeted and efficient, attracting students who are the best fit for your organization.

Identify Key Requirements

  • Assess Your Needs: Evaluate the roles you need to fill within your organization. Consider not only the immediate tasks associated with these roles but also long-term goals and projects, as well as your team's ability to mentor and train student employees.
  • Skill Requirements: Determine the specific skills and expertise required for each position. This might include technical skills, soft skills, and any required certifications or educational background.

Define the Role

  • Job Descriptions: Craft detailed job descriptions that outline the responsibilities of the role, day-to-day tasks, and any special projects the candidate might be involved in (see Step 2).
  • Growth Opportunities: Highlight how the role contributes to the organization's goals and any potential for career advancement. Students are often looking for positions that offer not just a job but a path to future opportunities.

Align with Educational Programs

  • Match with VIU Programs: Familiarize yourself with the programs offered at VIU to better understand the knowledge and skills students are likely to have. Aligning the job requirements with relevant VIU programs can help attract students who are equipped with the appropriate background.
  • Consult Faculty: Consider reaching out to relevant faculty members to gain insights into the curriculum and to discuss the competencies of students in specific programs. This can help refine the job profile to better match the potential candidates.

Develop a Candidate Profile

  • Ideal Candidate Characteristics: Beyond skills and educational background, think about the type of personality and work ethic that would best fit your organizational culture.
  • Diversity Goals: Consider how the role fits into your broader diversity and inclusion goals. Clearly understanding these goals can help in reaching out to a wider, more diverse group of candidates.

Utilize VIU Resources

  • Career Studio: Engage with VIU’s Career Studio for insights into recent trends in student interests and careers. 
  • Experience Hub: Learn how to effectively use VIU’s Experience Hub to post job listings that are clear, concise, and appealing to students.

How to Create a Winning Job Posting

1. Include a clear job title.

Most job seekers search for posted jobs by job title—choose a title that reflects the position (e.g., “summer research assistant” is more clear than “summer student”).

2. Identify the essential qualifications and skills, and those that are important.

Great candidates may avoid applying to a job if they don’t have every qualification, so be specific about what’s required and what would be an asset. This may include degree requirements/certifications, work experience, software knowledge, etc.

3. Be clear about what the role entails, why it’s important, and how it fits within the larger organization.

Provide specific details of what is expected of someone in the posted role (if there’s someone in the position currently, check in with this person for an update on the current responsibilities as the role may have changed since the last time it was posted). How does the role fit within the organization? How much responsibility is involved and what is the reporting structure? Remember, what seems obvious to you may not be evident to the applicant.

4. Describe your workplace culture.

Include information about the organizational culture so that candidates get a sense of what your organization is like beyond the posted position.

Is your organization entrepreneurial, with flexible work hours, dress code and time off? Are your work hours structured? What are the expectations for innovation, support and learning?

5. Describe the type of work style that you’re looking for.

What type of personality will fit well within your organization? Do you have staff members who are interested in changing all the time, or staff members who follow protocol well?

6. Be direct.

Avoid using workplace or local jargon— This is your chance to be descriptive and clear.

7. Point out what makes your organization and industry interesting.

Is your organization growing? Is the industry changing? Sell the positives of your organization, industry and this position to attract candidates who are excited about contributing their skill set and energy.

8. Address salary expectations and other benefits.

It may be helpful to list a salary range or explain that salary will depend on experience. This will help candidates determine if the remuneration fits with their budget constraints. Listing additional benefits such as training or transportation can also help your posting stand out.

9. List contact information.

Include details on how applicants should submit their applications, and to whom they should address their applications.

10. Include the following information, if appropriate:

Job location, whether the role is full-time, permanent or temporary, and an outline of the recruitment process.

11. For co-op positions, list the competencies that you’re looking for.

If you’re posting a co-op position, consider including the core, program-specific, intercultural and professional competencies that students can expect to develop on the work term.

12. For co-op positions, ask for feedback.

If you’re posting a co-op position and have a current co-op student in your workplace, ask this student to contribute feedback. He or she may be able to provide insight on what would attract another student to the role.

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Post Jobs for Students

Employment & Internship opportunities for students can be posted on our Center for Experiential Learning online job posting portal, the Experience Hub (formerly CareerVIU).  In order to post a position for students you must first register an account in the Experience Hub system. Registering for an account is free, quick and easy. Once you have followed the instructions below to register your account you will then be able to start posting employment/internship opportunities. 

Please follow these three easy steps to register your employer account today:

  1. Click this link to go to the Experience Hub employer account creation page
  2. Fill out your contact information
  3. Submit

Once submitted your account will be approved for use.   You can then log-in and post opportunities at your convenience.  Once your postings have been entered into the system you will have the ability to re-post your opportunity to subsequent students with the click of one button; there is no need to re-create the posting each time. 

If you need any help in this process, please email


Engaging directly with VIU’s faculties, clubs, and student groups is a strategic way to enhance your visibility on campus and tap into specific talent pools that align with your business needs. The VIU Career Studio can facilitate these connections, helping you establish relationships that can enrich your hiring initiatives and enhance your employer brand among students.

Connect with VIU Faculties

  • Targeted Engagement: Each faculty at VIU has a distinct focus and houses students with specialized skills and knowledge. Identifying and connecting with specific faculties related to your industry can lead to more targeted and effective recruitment.
  • Faculty Collaborations: Consider collaborative projects, guest lectures, or curriculum contributions that can provide value to both your organization and the students. These interactions not only raise your profile but also give you direct insight into the capabilities and interests of potential candidates.

Engage with Clubs and Student Groups

  • VIU Student Union Clubs: Explore the VIU Students’ Union Clubs Directory to find groups that align with your company’s industry or values. These clubs range from academic and professional interests to cultural and recreational themes.
  • Sponsorship and Events: Supporting club activities or events can be a great way to gain goodwill and recognition among the student community. Sponsorships can also provide an informal setting to interact with students and introduce them to your organization’s culture and opportunities.

Participate in Networking Events

  • Career Fairs and Panels: Participate in career fairs and industry panels organized by the VIU Career Studio. These events are excellent opportunities for face-to-face interactions with students from various programs and can help you build a presence on campus.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Hosting or participating in workshops and seminars can position your organization as an industry leader and a supporter of student development. These engagements are not only about recruitment but also about contributing to the educational experience of future professionals.

Develop Deeper Relationships

  • Long-Term Partnerships: Building long-term partnerships with VIU can facilitate continuous engagement with upcoming graduates and alumni, keeping your talent pipeline full.
  • Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Maintain an open channel for feedback with both students and faculty. This feedback can help refine your recruitment strategies and ensure they remain aligned with student needs and academic developments.


Participating in VIU events and initiatives is a strategic way for employers to enhance visibility, engage directly with students and programs, and showcase the opportunities available within their organizations. The VIU Career Studio hosts a variety of events that facilitate networking and direct interaction between employers and students.

Career Fairs

    • Annual Career Fairs: VIU hosts several career fairs throughout the year, which are perfect opportunities for employers to meet a large number of students from various disciplines. These events are are often open to all programs, or themed around specific industries or focus areas.
    • On-Campus Employment Career Fair: Specifically designed for on-campus roles, this event allows departments and local employers to connect with students for part-time or seasonal positions that are ideal for students’ schedules.

    Networking Events and Panels

    • Industry-Specific Panels: Participate in panel discussions where you can share industry insights, discuss career paths, and connect with students interested in your field. This not only boosts your company's profile but also helps in identifying potential candidates who are keen on your industry.
    • Networking Mixers: These less formal events provide a relaxed environment for employers to interact with faculty and students, making personal connections that can lead to internships, co-op placements, and full-time employment.

    Workshops and Seminars

    • Resume and Interview Workshops: Engage with students by providing expertise on resume writing and interview techniques. This not only aids in their professional development but also helps you scout for potential candidates who demonstrate strong initiative and interest in improving their employability skills.
    • Guest Lectures: Offering to speak at academic sessions or workshops can position your organization as a thought leader and go-to employer within your sector.

    Leveraging VIU Career Studio Services

    • Event Collaboration: The Career Studio can collaborate with you to tailor events such as company info sessions that target specific student groups or academic programs.
    • Promotion and Support: The Career Studio provides logistical and promotional support for events, helping to maximize employer reach and student participation.


    Program Advisory Committees (PACs) at VIU play a crucial role in bridging the gap between academic offerings and industry requirements. By becoming a member of a PAC, employers can provide valuable feedback on program development, ensuring that the curriculum remains relevant and responsive to the evolving demands of the job market.

    Importance of PACs

    • Feedback on Curriculum: Employers can share insights and feedback on the relevancy of course content, helping to shape educational programs that are aligned with current industry standards and technologies.
    • Influence Program Outcomes: Participation in PACs allows employers to influence the learning outcomes of programs, ensuring that students graduate with the skills that are most in demand in their respective industries.

    How PACs Operate

    • Meetings and Discussions: PACs typically meet at least once a year to discuss developments in the field, changes in industry demands, and potential improvements to the curriculum.
    • Collaborative Environment: These committees provide a collaborative environment where educators and industry leaders can share ideas and strategies for enhancing educational offerings.

    Benefits to Employers

    • Talent Pipeline: By actively participating in the development of academic programs, employers can help cultivate a pipeline of graduates who are well-prepared to meet the specific needs of their businesses.
    • Enhanced Employer Branding: Engagement in PACs demonstrates a commitment to education and workforce development, enhancing an employer's brand among students and faculty.

    Getting Involved

    • Contact VIU Career Studio: The Career Studio can facilitate connections to relevant Porgram Chairs and PACs based on your industry and interest. 
    • Direct Engagement: Employers interested in joining a PAC can also directly contact the relevant academic department at VIU to express their interest and learn more about the specific needs of the committee.

    Ready to find your next star employee? Register on our Experience Hub today to post your opportunities, or connect with the Career Studio to start connecting with VIU’s student community!

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