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COVID-19 Fall 2021 update 

Nanaimo Campus: In-Person and Remote Testing 

In person Accuplacer (Grade 12 English Equivalency) has resumed. The remote option is still available for an extra fee. Email us at with subject line 'In Person' or 'Remote' Accuplacer for more information.  Please let us know if your Accuplacer test is for the Health Care Aide (HCA-PP) admissions requirements when you apply.

In person Keyboarding has resumed for both VIU applicants and external candidates. Remote keyboarding via zoom is still available for an extra fee. Please email us at with subject line 'In Person' or 'Remote' Keyboarding for more information. 

External Exams: Our centre is reopening for limited in-person exam invigilation for our external clients. We continue to offer remote invigilation via Zoom for external exam institutions that permit this. Please contact us directly at for more information about scheduling in-person or remote exams.

VIU Trades : Self-assessments will continue for Trades programs for Fall 2021. Please contact for more information.

Accommodated Exams: We are able to support all VIU accommodated exams in person. Please use our online booking system to request your invigilation.

Cowichan Campus: In Person Testing

For more information about scheduling in-person Accuplacer, Keyboarding or ABE tests at the Cowichan Campus, email

In person external exam invigilation is available on request. Email for more information.

Offered at the Nanaimo and Cowichan Campuses

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Subject areas covered in the assessment

Area of Study

Minimum Score



Reading Comprehension


30 questions - multiple choice.

40 minutes



30 questions – multiple choice. Identify correct usage in sentences (pronouns, verbs, transition words), spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

30 minutes



30 question on operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals percent and word problems.


60 minutes

Approximate Time: 2 1/2 hours - A dictionary is not permitted, a calculator is permitted.

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