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Student FAQ

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Instructor FAQ

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map from B200 to B255

Assessment and Exam Services Location

We are located in building 255 (formerly the International Education building). Our office is in room 115 and our exam room is in room 110. 

Final Exam Booking Information

You can book your accommodated final exam online, as soon as the VIU schedule has been posted.

Booking deadlines:

  • March 20 (Spring finals)

  • November 20 (Fall finals)

Did you know?

  • You can find your final exam schedule in the 'Select a final exam' section of the 'Request Exam' tab.
    • The dates and times are already set for you- you just need to click 'submit'.
    • 9am exams start at 8:30am to allow for extra time. 
    • 6pm exams start at 4:30pm to allow for extra time.
    • Yes, we are open late until 9:00pm
  • Got 2 exams in one day? Talk to your instructors about requesting alternate times or dates-- or reach out to us for help. 
  • Is your test on VIULearn? You can still write in our centre if you need to use our computers, software or quiet rooms. 

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Accommodated Exams: Overview of Who's Who 

Accessibility Services


  • Provide instructors with accommodation letter;
  • Discuss with instructors whether instructors or Assessment and Exam Services will provide the exam accommodations;
  • Submit online exam request for all quizzes and in-class exams written in Assessment and Exam Services at least a week in advance.
    • Final exam deadlines are November 20 and March 20


  • Review and complete accommodated exam requests from students;
  • Submit exam materials to Assessment and Exam Services ( at least 3 working days before scheduled test date.

Assessment and Exam Services

  • Provide accommodated exam invigilation in our exam centre (Building 255, Room 115). 

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Contact us about booking, rescheduling or cancelling your accommodated exams.   

Building 255, Room 115


Ph:  250.740.6276

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Check out the Universal Access at VIU web page for accessibility maps and building information.