Fundamentals of Forestry – Harvesting Practices Program

Thank you for your interest in a VIU Trades Program. Students are required to complete a self-assessment for VIU Trades programs at this time. Please contact the Registration Centre at or 250.753.3245 to discuss your candidacy for your program of interest.

Offered in Woss, BC

See the Fundamentals of Forestry – Harvesting Practices program outline

Subject areas covered in the assessment

Area of Study

Minimum Score



Reading Comprehension


24 questions (true/false, short answer)

45 minutes

Combined Reasoning


15 multiple choice questions that assess the ability to recognize abstract, spatial and mechanical concepts.

30 minutes

Math (calculator is allowed, basic formula table is provided)


30 questions on:

  • converting from and to metric units and imperial units
  • reading a ruler
  • using Pythagorean Theory
  • Ratio and
  • decimals
  • fractions
  • percent
  • exponents and square roots- basic
  • word problems
  • algebra - solve simple equations with 1 unknown quantity
  • geometry: area, perimeter/circumference

60 minutes

Personal Profile  A writing sample describing why you are a good candidate for the program30 minutes

Approximate Time: 3 Hours - A dictionary is not permitted. A calculator is permitted.

Resources for Study

Trades Math Study Guides