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For information about the Culinary Arts - 2 year Diploma Program please see Programs | Vancouver Island University

The Culinary Arts Program (and careers in this field) typically requires unsociable hours and the ability to work in a high pressure environment. Motivation and excellent team skills are essential.

The Culinary Arts Assessment consists of three (3) sections You have 90 minutes to complete Sections A and B. A further 30 minutes is given to complete section C. Applicants may be asked to attend an interview following the assessment.

The following areas will be covered in the assessment for the above program:

Area of Study

Minimum Score



Section A Reading Comprehension


Section A: You will be asked to read a short passage and answer 9 questions about the text.

2 hours

Section B Math Skills

Section B:

The math is divided into three (3) parts

Parts 1 and 2 include word problems that relate to recipes (formulae) and food preparation:

  • Converting between similar units of measurement
  • Metric measurement of mass (e.g.  grams, kilograms) and volume (litres, millilitres)
  • Imperial measurement of mass (ounces, pounds) and volume (cups, fluid ounces)
  • How to convert from imperial to metric units

How to convert recipes to serve fewer or more portions (using ratio and proportion

Part 3 includes general calculations such as conversions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (whole numbers, fractions and decimals), percentages  and converting temperature from Fahrenheit o to Celsius

Section C Writing Skills/Personal Profile

Section C:

The writing skills section of the assessment poses questions designed to evaluate your writing skills, but also, even more importantly your interest in and commitment to the Culinary Arts Program.  Topics include:

  • Why you are interested in the program
  • Experience of cooking
  • Career goals
  • Work ethic/study skills

Approximate Time: 2 hours - A dictionary is not permitted. A calculator is permitted.  A converstion chart is provided.

Resources to help you prepare for your assessment:

Culinary Arts Review and Practice Test
Study Guide 1 - General Math
Study Guide 2 - Fractions
Study Guide 3 - Unit Conversions
Study Guide 4 - Scaling a Recipe
Study Guide 5 - Unit Conversion and Scaling (multiple steps)

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