Off-Campus Assessments Overview

We offer the opportunity for students outside the VIU region to write your assessment off-campus.

How to book an off-campus VIU assessment:

  1. Find an individual or organization who will agree to be your test supervisor.
    1. This must not be a friend or family member.
    2. Contact your local college or university student services, a public library, employment centre or school counsellor for suggestions.
    3. Test supervisors may charge a fee for their services in addition to the fee charged by VIU; you are responsible for all fees incurred.
  2. Complete the Off Campus Assessment form, including your test supervisor's name, title, business address and professional email address.
    1. NOTE: We cannot send tests to personal email addresses (i.e. hotmail, gmail and yahoo).
  3. Pay the non-refundable off-campus assessment fee by calling the VIU cashier's office at 250-740-6236 (credit cards and Visa Debit accepted).

    1. Program Assessment / ABE $25 ($15 re-write).

    2. ACCUPLACER $65 ($50 re-write). 

  4.  We will not send the test material until we have received payment.

  5. Schedule the assessment date with your test supervisor. Your test supervisor will email your completed assessment back to VIU. We will contact you directly with the results of your assessment.

Online Request Forms

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Assessment Services at

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